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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ryan's Report Book

Due to sick, Ryan has been absent from school for this whole week and yesterday I gave a call to his school to talk to his form teacher, then I got to know that today is the last day school and also the day to collect the report book. Although I have got the test papers and Ryan was getting full mark for 4 subjects except moral education ,he got 95 marks,but overall his result is not bad. (Maybe I put too high expectation on Ryan, I expect him to get all 5 subjects full mark,if possible).

So this afternoon, I drove Ryan to school to take his report book and also some homework that he has missed out for the past few days. To my suprise, the teacher told me that Ryan is getting 1st rank on his class. His result is quite good,average is 99....and Ryan got a small present ( Upin & Ipin pencil set) from the school.
I was so happy with the result and I keep telling Ryan to study harder and smarter,so that he can always pass with flying colours.
Well done, Ryan !!! Mommy is so proud of you....**

Tomorrow will the school holiday for 2 weeks and no holiday plan for us as I prefer to keep Ryan stay indoor to strenghten back his immune system.