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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Friday, April 15, 2011

My Holiday in Medan

I have been MIA from my blog for the past few days...it is because I am on my holiday trip to Medan,started from 5-27 April 2011. Both me and Ryan are so happy with our holiday, we eat,chat with my family members..we just have lot of things to gossip around and of course, Ryan have chance to play with his cousins.
As for me, I really enjoy myself in Medan...I can sleep and wake up late, no need to do any housework and cooking.How I wish the time can stop .. so that I can enjoy myself in Medan.
I do bring back some homework (provided by school) for Ryan to do.
Will update my blog again after I back to Sibu.....

Have a nice weekend...!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

What I need...

Having an own house is everyone's dream. I always dream to have my own house rather than staying with my in-laws forever. Of course, after getting a house, there are many more things need to settle like getting furniture, lights,doing some decorations for the house and I need a small garden to make my house looks perfect. I am glad to come across Dallas lawn maintenance ,which is recommended by my cousin. With the service provided by this landscaping company, I can be sure...my garden will always looks lush and healthy. I do noticed that they do accept payment via cash,check and credit card ,definitely a good option. By signing up their service plan, I just need to standby my credit card in hand.

After my garden issue is solved,now I feel like doing some online shopping to pamper myself. I planned to get a personalized tote bags for me and my sister and glad to come across PosyLane.com which have variety of shapes,colours and styles. I prefer those made from canvas as it is stiff and hold straight side very well.This will be a perfect present for my sister.
Next will be present for my nieces and nephews, I am looking for personalized kids backpack.PosyLane.com do have a wide selection of backpacks for toddlers. For the Mint toddler backpacks,they come with small and medium size.For children who love 100% cotton, Stephen Johnson quilted backpacks is the right choice. It does come with matching lunch totes,nap mats, water bottles and sunglasses.
Having an online stores in the market nowadays, I can shop anytime I want with varieties of choices. Just get ready my credit card or using my paypal account for the payment. So convenience!!


Yesterday my mother gave me a call and asked "have you packed your luggage?"....my answer?
Not yet lol. Thanks for my mum always reminded me "never do things last mins".
So after back from Premier (done some shopping) last night, I quickly grabbed my luggage,clean it up and started thinking what baju and other things that I need to bring home.
For Ryan, there is nothing much as my nephew's baju can fit him well. So I can save the space to put other stuffs.
For I myself, I just brought home few pieces of baju since I have some back at my hometown.

Since I am travelling alone with Ryan..should I bring along his stroller which has been keeping untouch for more than 2 years. It makes me more convenient to push him around using stroller while waiting for my connection flight from KL to Medan (I guess...I scared Ryan will run here and there in the airport & get lost..As you know, airport is always crowded).

Thanks for my brother and father 's concern..they seem worry I am not able to handle Ryan while waiting in the airport (they even thought of flying to KL to wait for me at the airport...of course, I said "No need la"..I should be able to handle it well...Hopefully I can do it, it is my first time travelling alone with Ryan).

Have a nice Sunday !

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Real Estate in Florida

I was chatting with one of my old mate who residing in USA few days ago, she has married there for more than 5 years. Her husband plan to get a house Florida area and she was told by the agent that Winter Park is one of the nicest area in the state of Florida.
Winter park florida real estate is actually one of the first planned communities. The area is very convenient as many good restaurants,shops, museums and 100 different golf courses are around this area.The best part is Winter park florida real estate is very close to downtown Orlando area. And for those who like to have weekend picnic for whole family,it is just few minutes drive to Tampa and Daytona Beach. The place is suitable for bike rides too.

The most influence reason why my friend want to move to Florida is that they do not have any state income taxes and the property tax rates in Winter Park are always below the national average.
At this moment, my friend is yet to decide what kind of house to buy, it can be range from Winter Park condos that cost from millions of dollars to one bedroom apartments and homes that are modest to ones in the million dollar range.
I do hope one day I will have a chance to visit her once she has settled down in the state of Florida.


I am planning to get a toddler backpacks for my both my nieces. It would be a great present for them on my trip back to Medan next week. While browsing through Stephen Joseph Quilted Toddler backpacks collection, I really love all the designs. Their backpacks are suitable for boys and girls. Their material are 100% quilted cotton and it can be washed in the washing machine. If you need to add some words to be embroidered in the backpacks,an arrangement can be made when you place your order online. So convenience and practical service !!!
I definitely fall in love with the "daisy quilted toddler backpack,the design is simple and I love the matching colour,and it only cost $23/piece.
Apart from the backpacks collection, PosyLane.com do have a selection of nap mats. You can always matched your toddler backpack with the nap mat to make it one colourful set. The nap mats are come with attached blanket and pillow.

After getting a toddler backpack and nap mat, of course, don't forget to get a lunch tote for my nieces since their lunch tote collection are so nice and the price is reasonable too. What I like about Stephen Joseph lunch tote is it has a Velcro strap inside to hold a drink, and has an inner mesh pocket and you may also get a matching water bottle for the lunch tote.

Hope both my nieces will like the presents that I am going to give them soon..:)

Ryan @ 50 months old

I would say time flies super fast...a baby boy has grown up to be a toddler now .Ryan can be super talkactive and playful sometimes,but once he met a stranger, he can be a super quiet and shy boy.
Sometimes , I just can't answer to his questions and really have to twist my brain on how to give the best answer to his questions.
Of course, Ryan is a good boy at home and school,but once a while, he will have a bad mood too and start to get fussy. But once he knew that I get angry and nag at him, he will just keep quiet and tears drop down his pipi....so pity !! and be it how angry I am....I feel bad seeing his tears keep coming down and down. (I guess I am a soft-hearted person..Am I?)
One thing for sure...Ryan like to stick to his mummy and daddy ,most of the time. Even when we are out for shopping or a walk, he always want to be in the middle (holding mummy & daddy's hand).So sweet.....(of course, I have no chance to hold my hubby's hand now....coz I will be holding on to Ryan..)
In the next few days, I will fly off to Medan with Ryan only and It is my first time travelling without hubby at my side . I do hope I can handle Ryan well in the airport as we will be waiting at LCCT for more than 4 hours for our connection flight from KL - Medan. Hope he won't run here or there..or else, I have to chase him like cows cows...!! Pray hard I will have a smooth journey back to Medan this coming Tuesday. Looking forward to see my family members and also my friends:)