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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Home cooked meal : Gulai Ayam

Last weekend I cooked one of Indonesia traditional dish called "Gulai Ayam",it is one of my favourite dish.....The paste was brought to me by my mom all the way from Medan when she came to visit me in September. I always have different type of premix paste(curry, rendang,mee rebus,etc) in my freezer(all brought from Medan).

Some info about this dish "gulai ayam" :
 Gulai Ayam (Minangkabau and Indonesian for: "Gulai Chicken") is a traditional Indonesian Dish of chicken cooked in curry-like spicy, rich and succulent yellowish sauce called gulai. It is originally from West Sumatra (Padang). It can be classified as an Indonesian curry. Together with gulai kambing, (goat or mutton gulai), it was the most common and popular variant of gulai.

After busying in kitchen for an hour.....the Gulai Ayam dish is ready to be served, it is best to go with steam rice,bread,mini ketupat,and kompia.

......What is the next dish I should cook......?......