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Sunday, May 29, 2011

School Holiday ****-****

This two weeks both me and Ryan is gonna get rotten at home, since it is school holiday, we don't have any holiday plan,anyway, Ryan just recovered from bad tonsilitis and it is the best time to let him stay under the sun.
I keep thinking...what I should do with Ryan at home for this coming 2 weeks?
Okie... there are lot of toys at home,but it is kinda boring keep playing with toys.
I get him a colouring book the other day, so that he can practice his colouring skills,which he really need to make more improvement on it.
Next, I will do some revision on writing a-z,1-50, and some mandarin words and let's try do some spelling for him too.
It is a great time for me to teach him how to spell some simple words.

Actually, I always have in mind to do some craft works with Ryan,but as I am not that creative, my mind just stuck there. Should google online for some simple crafting.

Another target is to make bento set meal for Ryan. I am quite interested with those bento's blogs lately..really salute those moms creating such a nice bento meal for their kids. I should give a try to make simple bento meal for Ryan one day. Stay tuned !!!