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Thursday, July 8, 2010

New Look......New Day **

After resting at home for 2 days due to stomach upset, Ryan has started school again today. Everything goes well... He can adapt well except does not want to eat the food given by the school.
Really hope he will stay healthy always !!

Today, as usual I picked Ryan up from school around 11.45am,then we headed home for lunch. He has home-cooked kampua with green vege + capscium.
After resting for a while, I brought him for a hair cut.Ryan gets sweat easily, therefore I prefer to keep his hair short.
He sit well while the auntie cut his hair. No cry .... Well done, Ryan!!

Once reached home, I washed his hair & showered him at the same time. Ryan put on his own clothes after showering.
Then he stood in front of the TV, saw his own reflection and told me : "Mummy, Ryan botak".I told him he is not Botak,but his hair is short only.

AND............Yeah, this is Ryan's new look.

How's my new look??? Nice or not....???