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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Friday, May 6, 2011

Start school again...

I was so nervous last few days..it was because of Ryan....why?...I was so worried that he may refuse to go school after having a long break (almost a month) from school , it is my own-self holiday for Ryan as we were back to Medan for a holiday. My worries were gone...Ryan was doing fine at school for the past few days.
I have no problem to ask him wake up and send him off to school. Everytime when I fetched him, I would ask his teacher whether he was doing fine...the answer I got "Yes".He will join his friends in the singing session and all the activities carried out in the whole morning..:)

Although I did get some worksheet from the teacher for Ryan to do while we were in Medan,but that was not enough. For the past few days, Ryan always come back home with some homework to do. And he will have his first exam on 12 May next month.I have to put more effort and let him practice more in recognize the words especially the mandarin words.(since I am a banana...I have a difficulty to teach Ryan in Mandarin...my hubby is our rescuer).
Ryan has no problem in counting and recognizing alphabets & numbers.
Pray hard that Ryan will do well in his exam next month......!!


suituapui said...

Don't worry about his Mandarin. Here, all the students speak Mandarin...and even those who do not study the language, can speak so very fluently.

Dunno about the writing part though...but I do know that very very few will score distinctions in the public exams. Many will score straight As in all subjects except Chinese.

Vickylow said...

Good boy Ryan, phew mommy feel release now. My girl will has her exam starting from 16th onwards. All the best ya.

Alice Law said...

Big Boy now mommy can't worry too much liao! My girl also gonna hv her 1st exam in another 2 weeks time, I'm so excited!

Reanaclaire said...

I am also a "banana" ... that is why i didnt send my kids to chinese school... no one to teach them at home.. but it is really an advantage to know Mandarin.. very important subject nowadays..

Anonymous said...

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