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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day Pictures, Images and Photos
Yes...14th February is marked as Valentine's Day...
Do I celebrate it? .... ** :( ... the answer : NO.
I could not remember when is the last time I celebrated Valentine's Day..I believe before I got marriage. After my marriage,no more Valentine's Day for me and husband and we don't even remember THIS DAY.
Talking about Valentine's gifts....I don't think I ever received any valentine gifts before except roses (during my dating time)....My hubby is not a romantic type person and don't expect him to bring me for romantic dinner or give me any suprises. Anyway, all these are not important to me..as long as he treats me well and love our family ,that is more than enough.

At here, I wish all my bloggers' friends " Happy Valentine's Day"...any celebration with your spouses/lover?...