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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ryan @ 50 months old

I would say time flies super fast...a baby boy has grown up to be a toddler now .Ryan can be super talkactive and playful sometimes,but once he met a stranger, he can be a super quiet and shy boy.
Sometimes , I just can't answer to his questions and really have to twist my brain on how to give the best answer to his questions.
Of course, Ryan is a good boy at home and school,but once a while, he will have a bad mood too and start to get fussy. But once he knew that I get angry and nag at him, he will just keep quiet and tears drop down his pipi....so pity !! and be it how angry I am....I feel bad seeing his tears keep coming down and down. (I guess I am a soft-hearted person..Am I?)
One thing for sure...Ryan like to stick to his mummy and daddy ,most of the time. Even when we are out for shopping or a walk, he always want to be in the middle (holding mummy & daddy's hand).So sweet.....(of course, I have no chance to hold my hubby's hand now....coz I will be holding on to Ryan..)
In the next few days, I will fly off to Medan with Ryan only and It is my first time travelling without hubby at my side . I do hope I can handle Ryan well in the airport as we will be waiting at LCCT for more than 4 hours for our connection flight from KL - Medan. Hope he won't run here or there..or else, I have to chase him like cows cows...!! Pray hard I will have a smooth journey back to Medan this coming Tuesday. Looking forward to see my family members and also my friends:)


Adrine said...

He sure knows his way to mummy's heart! My girl still screams when she cries so that normally irritates me more ;)

Good luck with the flight!

LittleLamb said...

HAve a nice holiday/reunion with your family :)

I m sure u can do it.

gaiki said...

Enjoy your holiday with Ryan....Have a safe journey and don't forget to update your blog. Will look forward to hearing from you :P