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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wish & Win - from Coca Cola MY

Can you spot Ryan in that picture? .....

Last night, I was so happy...did i strike 4d? I wish too..but no,still no luck in 4d.
While browsing through Facebook, I caught my FB's friend was tagging my name on her status...But I still did not confirm whether I really won it until I really go to the website and check it out.
Yes...I won a limited edition set of 6 coca-cola can glasses. I came across this contest from one of my FB's friend. He knew that I missed out one of the coke glass from MacDonalds (green colour) and he recommended me to join this contest. No harm to try my luck.Unfortunately for the past two weeks, I have no luck to win,but I am telling myself,never give up.
And on the 3rd week...I saw Ryan's picture was posted on the website.So happy I am....and of course, my hubby was quite happy too as he is a Coca-Cola collector.

Can't wait to receive this prize..!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Little updates about school

It has been about two weeks since school started and Ryan really need time to get used to school life again. After having that two weeks school holiday + 1 week sick holiday, Ryan was enjoying too much at home with mummy & daddy . That is why every morning, he will cry awhile at school when I sent him off. My heart was pain to leave him there,but I have to be firm and can't pamper him too much. It is time for him to be independent at school.....I always checked with his form teacher and the comment I got is : Ryan will cry for awhile when I left,after that he will back to his normal routine.
I really all this drama will over soon....no more crying and having happy mood going to school.
But one thing I found pretty strange.....Ryan told me not to fetch him up from school on time,he asked me to come bit late because he wanted to play toys at school (*slap forehead*).

For this coming half semester, Ryan is having a homework everyday from school. He really need to study harder to get the best result.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Today is marked as Father's Day ... and I only realised it while logging to FB and saw lot of posts about Father's Day. No special celebration for tonight,just have simple dinner at home.
Lastly , I wish all daddies out there "Happy Father's Day"....

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Trip to Tanjung Manis

Last Sunday 12 June 2011, we went to Tanjung Manis,It was our first time there and the journey took about an hour drive from Sibu. We just feel curious on the place since we never went before.
Hubby's uncle will be our tour guide, we just follow his car all the way to Tanjung Manis since hubby did not knew the way there.
We started our journey at 9.30am and reached there around 10.30am. Lucky the road is quite good,but nothing much to see. Only a small jetty and small commercial centre and some industrial parks
Quickly snapped a few pictures for memories before leaving the place. Then we also drove to Kampung area..lots of Malay staying there and it was pretty crowded and lots of small stalls selling Malay titbits.Lucky we managed to find a "traditional" petrol kiosk as hubby's car need to top up petrol ,or else, we might not be able to drive back to Sibu.....(such a careless hubby).
Oh...why I say "traditional petrol kiosk"...because the man is using a pump and tin to pump the petrol out from a big tin and then pour into our petrol tank.Too bad..I forget to snap that particular pix.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Exabytes Super Blogger Slogan Contest - 2

Another contest to join..hope I can win for this 2nd part contest.

I like Exabytes Domain because it is best leading web hosting company in Malaysia. This company provides an excellent services to their customers,with their 24x7 technical support team,the customers can get their enquiries anytime anyplace.
The best part,currently Exabytes is having .My Domain Sale till 30 June 2011.As long as you are a Malaysian or an owner of registered company in Malaysia, you are eligible for this package.
So grab this good chance and get .My Domain for yourself now. Hurry up!!!
I might consider to get one for myself too.....

Exabytes Super Blogger Contest

Let's me recall back when I started join the blogging world....it has been almost 4 years I am here in this blogging world and I definitely love to blog.
I got this blogging inspiration from my Forum friends. They encourage me to set up one blog on my own and here it is......
I have been writing some paidposts ,just to earn some extra bucks in my pocket and according to my friend, if I were to change my blog (currently under blogspot)to my own domain, I might get higher chance to win my bids...is it true? Need some advices.....

Lately I am addicted to Facebook and from there I got to know Exabytes network. This company is a leading web hosting company based in Malaysia that was founded on the principal of providing the best webhosting solutions to their customers. Of course,Exabytes has fallen a few times before it was able to stand tall in this robust cyber world today.

While browsing through their website, I came across that their package on .My domain is on Sale. wow.......good chance to grab this package.

How to register?
Not to worry, as long as you are a Malaysian or on owner of registered company in Malaysia,you are eligible to apply today.
Next,you will need to write down your domain name on your supporting document/IC then fax (04.6308288) or email (domain@exabytes.com.my) to Exabytes.

And this offer is valid till 30 June 2011. So hurry up !!! you still have few more weeks to grab this good offer.

For more information,please go to this link for more information.

To make sure the customers are equally satisfied with their service,Exabytes will give money back guarantee within 30 days from initial order placed if the customers found they are not happy with what they get. And the best part,their technical support team will assist the customers 24x7.

Lastly, one great news to share....Exabytes is having 10th Anniversary Super Bloggest Contest.

What you need to do is start writing your blog about your favourite product from Exabytes company and submit your entry before 15 June 2011.
So hurry up....you may on your way to win Ipad 2 and 20 other vouchers.

Good luck everyone!!

Some prizes

Last few weeks, I received Drypers Parents' circle newsletter (1st issue) from SCA and saw one of my article was selected as STAR LETTER...yuhooo....I will get free diaper and mystery gift again.At last, SCA's staff called me up one day asking me what size of diaper I want. Straightly I told her that Ryan does not need any diaper anymore and can I exchange for something else. After checking with Manager, she agree to change for me other prize...Really appreciate it !!

So..this is what I received from SCA today.....

3 activity books for colouring & stickers & 1 photo frame.

Another prize I received from Exabytes (this prize I won from facebook contest).
It is a red Google t-shirt....good quality and definitely love this prize.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What he has been busy lately

School holiday is going to over soon in another few days and during this two weeks holiday, I let Ryan use the netbook and introduce him to some educational website. At first , I came across Starfall.com from one of the blogger's mummy. I found this website is pretty good and Ryan enjoy reading the stories.
After playing around with Starfall.com for a week, Ryan started to ask for new thing to play around, so I googled online and came across another great website called TheKidzpage.com. The most interesting part is the jigsaw puzzles and some of the online games.

Let's have a look on the pictures.... Ryan is very concentrating while playing with the jigsaw puzzles...of course, sometimes, he will call mummy for little helps.

If you do have great educational website for children,let's share with me here...Thanks!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Rendang Chicken

Yesterday was Gawai Holiday for Sarawak. It is the best time for me to cook Rendang Chicken which I have been craving for so long. I bought lot of Curry and Rendang paste from my hometown,Medan.
It is more time consuming to cook rendang,since hubby was at home, I could spent more time in the kitchen doing my cooking.
Since the paste is ready-made,so I just need to add some chopped garlic,onions and chopped chicken into small pieces. Not to forget, I added some potatoes to the rendang, It definitely taste good.
After busy in the kitchen for an hour...Yes...my rendang chicken is ready to be served for lunch. I cooked extra to spare for dinner too.

Both me and hubby like to eat rendang chicken with steamed rice or white bread.
Next week, I plan to cook curry chicken...our favo dishes too.