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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ryan @45 months old...

Another 3 more months Ryan will be 4 years old....

It has been long time I never update on Ryan's milestones progress and let's me recall back
any new development on Ryan @ 45 months old.

1. more independent nowadays....but there is also time whereby will ask for Mummy's help.
He just like to manja with mummy...so what to do...mummy has to entertain him too because sayang Ryan.

2. can hold pencils in the right way and has started to write numbers in Mandarin.
Sametime mummy is learning those mandarin words together with Ryan as Mummy is a @banana@...mummy can only speak simple mandarin,no writing and reading for Mandarin words.
Lots more to go for Mummy and Ryan in learning Mandarin words...

3. like to follow anywhere mummy and daddy is going,unless mummy and daddy are going to doctor,then he won't join.
No choice...has to let him join,or else, he will cry and show sad face.

4. like to read story books.
It has been routine that every night Ryan will grab his story books and flip them over before
going to sleep.

5. a good helper at home.
Ryan likes to help mummy at home...a little helper,but everytime he does help,mummy become
more busier. But mummy always appreciate his little helps.

6. start to like eating banana and papaya again.

7. like to drink chinese herbal soup (those black in colour).
Ryan does not really like to drink soup during his meal,but when come to this black chinese herbal soup, he can finish up one whole soup without mummy asking him to drink soup.

8. very concern about Mommy and Daddy.
Everytime when mummy or daddy are driving a car and he saw other car started to get close to our car, he will shout " mummy/daddy, becareful",drive slowly. Good boy, Ryan !!

That's all I can think of about Ryan's development....

Lastly, Ryan will be finishing his Nursery class this coming December and next year January 2011,Ryan will be entering Pre-Kindee and today I have registered him to Tadika Rejang Park(his daddy's ex- kindee). Hope Ryan can adapt well in his new kindee next year as it will be a new environment and new friends for him.

And not to forget,Mummy and Daddy hope Ryan stay healthy and happy always!!