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Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Most Creative Recipe Contest

If you guys do read my previous post, I did mentioned that my friend Winnie & Merryn told me that my recipe was publishes in Nurture & U newsletter(volume 3).
Yesterday, I got myself a copy of Nurture & U newsletter, faster open up the wrapper and I saw my name is there...Happy!

You guys may be wondering what recipe I posted to Mamil Mama Gold Club.....It is a very traditional cake from my husband's hometown,Sibu (Steamed Cream Cracker Cake).
Lasttime, my husband told me about this cake and I was so curious to try it out,so I asked my MIL on how is the method and ingredients needed,then I tried to make it ... oh...I love this cake too.
I would say this recipe is quite healthy and suitable for all ages..even Ryan also love to eat this cake. Frankly speaking, I prefer to eat those steamed rather than baked cake,maybe because I am easily get heaty,so I prefer most of the food to be steamed rather than baked.
I did posted this recipe earlier in my blog...do hop over here to have a peek.

I am yet to receive any call or email from Mamil Mama Gold club. Not sure whether I will be getting any prize from this contest. There is another "How do you name your child?" contest in this latest newsletter & when Ryan saw the prize "Mini friends finger paint set"...he kept asking me to get it for him, it definitely motivate me to join this contest.....wish me good luck!!