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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I definitely love JULIE'S

I joined Julie's Chinese New Year contest for fun and never think of winning a prize before there are lot of entries which look very creative and nice.
As usual, I am using my husband's name to join this contest as it needed a Malaysian IC to enter a contest. Somewhere mid of March, I received a phone call from a lady calling from Julie's Biscuit company to congratulate my husband for winning "the most creative award", I was so surprised as I did not expect can win a single prize from that contest. And I was told to wait for my prize to be shipped from Melaka and it takes time to reach me ( about 2-3 weeks).

So last Friday, I went to collect the prize ... 2 big bags of assorted Julie's biscuit.
Thanks lot Julie's Biscuit for this great prize.

My house in now loaded with lot of biscuits...Munchy's Chocolate biscuits (which I won last year from Munchy's contest),some biscuits from CNY's hamper, Julie's biscuit and lately I also won 1 month supply of Jacob's biscuit, but I am yet to receive my Jacob's prize. Really have to drink plenty of water to kill the heatiness of eating too much biscuits.