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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Day of year 2010

Tonight most people will be waiting for the countdown party and it reminded me of my young days while I was in Singapore. I did joined the countdown party at Orchard Road almost every year unless I have to be on shift work on that day. I really miss that moments...How I wish time can bring me back there again and let me enjoy another time. Hiks...Hiks....Impossible !!

At first, hubby and I plan for steamboat dinner for tonight,at last has to cancel it off as I am super busy today...no time to out to supermarket to get ready those ingredients for steamboat,and somemore Ryan is not feeling that good too...He is down with cough,slight runny nose, sore throat + fever on & off. Not really a good day for me & Ryan.
Why do I say so ?... Because I have to spent my time taking care of him (he is more demanding when he falls sick,need my attention most of the time, have to monitor his body temperature from time to time). Be it how busy I am...I still spent some time to do simple home - cooked meal for tonight dinner. As Ryan is not feeling well,of course, impossible for him to eat outside food again...so home-cooked meal will be the best for him.

Next week, Ryan will start his school Pre-Kindee on 3 Jan 2011, I do hope that he will get well by then.... Pray hard!!

Lastly, wish all my friends "Happy New Year"....

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I started to get nervous...as year 2011 is coming forward....Why Why Why?...
I am getting nervous because this coming 3 Jan,2011 Ryan will be entering his new school, another new environment for him and I pray hard that he will be able to adapt well in his new school.
Yesterday, I brought Ryan along to his new school to get some books,uniforms,sports wear and school bag. It is totally a new place for him...a new teacher, new classroom,new friends....everything is NEW to him.
I remembered well when I first entered Ryan for his nursery class this year 2010, it took about a month for him to adapt well and get himself feel comfortable with his environment. That experience really give me a hard time and I don't wish to get same experience again for this coming year.
For this whole month, I keep telling Ryan that he will be going to another new school and sometimes, I even drove by the school to show him whether exactly it is. He seem looks fine with it and telling me that 'he is a big boy now and have to go to big school'.

I guess I put too much pressure on myself..that's make me become so nervous and full of worries.
Any of you experience this kind of situation when your kid go to school for the very first time?
Let's share your thoughts with me...

Friday, December 24, 2010

The Very first X'mas Card...

This afternoon when I fetched Ryan back from the school... he gave me this red card,such a nice x'mas card and I was told by the teacher that this card is make for the parents.So what did Ryan contribute to this card...? He coloured his own name on behind of the car and putting those glitters on the x'mas tree. Not bad...!!

Although there is no X'mas celebration at school,but Ryan did have fun making such a nice card for Mummy & Daddy... Thanks my dear boy !!
Ryan also brought home some goodies (biscuit,chocolate,wafer,etc..)and Ryan told me...it is a small gift pack from his friend as one of his school mate is celebrating his birthday at school. I was not informed by the teacher..so no pressie for the birthday boy. Anyway...wish "the boy"...Happy Birthday..!! Ryan also ate a birthday cake at school.
Ryan's birthday is coming soon..less than 2 months... I am wondering should I make simple birthday party for him at school....Ehm....better check-up with the school's principal before his Big Day arrives.

This year, I am not going back to Medan(my hometown), this is also my very first time stay at Sibu for the month of December since I got married.All the while, I always went back to Medan for the month of December. Kinda boring....But I definitely looking forward for my next holiday trip to Medan soon...When?.........

Lastly...I wanna wish all my friends " Merry X'Mas & Happy New Year ".

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Virginia Beach Fishing

Lastnight, my husband was telling me about his past fishing trip experience with his friends while he was in Singapore. It sounded fun and in my whole life, I never out for a fishing trip.After listening to my husband's stories, it makes me have a feeling to be out for a fishing trip one day. It will be fun and rewarding experience for me.

And now, I am searching for some fishing trip information and come across Virginia Beach Fishing,one of the best place to go for fishing trip.
And of course, to make the fishing trip go on smoothly,firstly need to look for fishing charter company to help up. It may provide a fishing boat with fully equipped and there will be professional fishing guides who will be there to help. Let's drop by Virginia beach fishing charter to make the booking for your fishing trip.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Ever came across this company called Clickbooth.com?...

Clickbooth.com is a performance based network that link both advertisers and publishers on a CPA basis. The most important is they are focusing on their quality of works in all aspects.
Under this company,they have CPC (cost per click) network which is an advertising tool used to get maximum exposure to certain a website by targetting the most efficient keywords and phrases.

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As for the advertiser part, CPC network definitely helps to target their products and services to right market at very low cost solution. Advertiser also will play main role to control over their oen campaign.

Another competitor in the market is Google Adwords. Some of you may be asking....what is google adwords do?..Simply definition on Google Adwords,it works pretty simple that you create and run ads for your business with just a nominal activation fee and you will only pay when people click on your ads.
How does it works?...You need to pick up some keywords that related to your products/services, and of course, you have option to choose how much you are willing to spend on each click on your ad.
How does Clickbooth Vs Google Adwords battled in this society ?

In the first place, Clickbooth looks more outstanding because of its partnership from CNN.com,ESPN.com plus the gate of MSNBC.com. Clickbooth will definitely provide the best content sites and also best marketers to help grow their business.
With its good quality and efficiency in selling and buying of online advertising,clickbooth will lead the market successfully.

For those interested become an affiliate, Please check out the clickbooth website for further information and sign up with them as either advertiser or publisher.

Friday, December 17, 2010

What I received ....

Yesterday, my house bell rang... and I saw Pos Laju van outside the gate...saw some parcel for me.
....What I received.....

A doomagic pillow case from Our Beauty Place...I won a consolation prize from Tag & Win contest @ facebook. And I chose Dinasour design for Ryan...he is so happy when saw the Pillowcase yesterday.

Thanks lot Queenie!!
For those who like online shopping,let's check out their website for children's wears,woman's wears ,etc....

Another parcel is a starter pack from D'Viet coffee. They are not sending me a small sachet,but a medium size pack of coffee with small coffee maker cup.Very unique and nice.

D'Viet coffee is a traditional vietnamese coffee..I am yet to try out..but according to my husband,the taste is not bad.

Let's check our their website for an online order.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Custom Football kits

Are you a big fan on football?... I do believe some woman may like to watch football matches, I have some lady friends who really enjoyed those matches especially on World Cup matches...They will even stay up late at night just to catch up with their favourite football team.
For me, I am not really a football fans,but I do watch football match once a while with my husband.
My husband is football fan, his favourite team is Manchester United.
When we were in Singapore, we even shopped at Manchester United shop for t-shirt and some souvenirs. Not cheap,but looks very nice.
This morning, while I was browsing for football wears, I came across Team Colours website which has wide range of football kits.The kits can be customised using an online designer tool. Team colours are also a manufacturer of football wears,school wears and leisure wears.
As Christmas is approaching,they have special offers for selected items. Let's check it out...!!

Nursing Uniforms

A few years back, my son was hospitalized due to high fever and he was in hospital for 3 nights,during our stay there, the nurses gave us a very good service. Everytime when we need any assistance,then would reach our room within a second.
One thing i like was their uniform which looks like one of the uniform showed on Nursing Uniform website, this website has a wide range of Cheap Nursing scrub which you can purchase online anytime you want.
As I was googled further, I noticed that the Lab coats for women are very nice too. I fall in love with one of the design, the white twill lab coat.
This online store provide a wide range of medical apparel with good quality materials and reasonable price.
The best part is for online orders cost over $100 and above, will entitle for Free shipping service.
Hurry up !!!..have a browse and gets your shopping start...

Inside Trade LLC

I have always been keen to learn more about investment market. I do think that I need to upgrade my knowledge on alternative investment before I really put myself into the real world.
There is one website which provide me very useful guidance and information on benefits and risks of alternative investments. The best part is they are giving FREE information to protect
and inform the community. Their core values of empathy,education and Integrity exist in everything they do.

Apart from giving free education to their members, they do have a complete information on how
to managed forex investment, managed futures,private placements and more. They also do have forum and blogs for their members to discuss more on alternative investment issues.

Ever heard of Trade Tube? Trade tube is another investment tool launched by Inside Trade LLC for their community. It is also known as the first video website dedicated to investments. Sound good!!! With the arrival of Trade tube, it is definitely benefit to everyone , trader/broker and investor.

Let's make a move to learn more about Alternative Investment...!!

Atlanta DJs..

I got the news last night that my husband's cousin is getting married on next month. He wants to have a grant wedding party on his BIG DAY.

He is asking for my help to search for those companies engaging in entertainment line.
Of course, no problem for me ...so I started searching around online and I came across Atlanta DJs website. This company offered the best entertainment for any occasions like wedding, anniversary party, birthday party,engagement, graduation ceremony and other events that requires mobile DJ service. They provide very excellent service with reasonable prices.
It is definitely worthy to use their service..

So I believe this will be the right choice for my husband's cousin to use this company service for his wedding day. I have forwarded him the detail this morning on Atlanta Wedding DJs information and he will liase with them directly.
Lastly, I would like to congratulate to my husband's cousin and his spouse..wish them live happily forever!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Most Creative Recipe Contest

If you guys do read my previous post, I did mentioned that my friend Winnie & Merryn told me that my recipe was publishes in Nurture & U newsletter(volume 3).
Yesterday, I got myself a copy of Nurture & U newsletter, faster open up the wrapper and I saw my name is there...Happy!

You guys may be wondering what recipe I posted to Mamil Mama Gold Club.....It is a very traditional cake from my husband's hometown,Sibu (Steamed Cream Cracker Cake).
Lasttime, my husband told me about this cake and I was so curious to try it out,so I asked my MIL on how is the method and ingredients needed,then I tried to make it ... oh...I love this cake too.
I would say this recipe is quite healthy and suitable for all ages..even Ryan also love to eat this cake. Frankly speaking, I prefer to eat those steamed rather than baked cake,maybe because I am easily get heaty,so I prefer most of the food to be steamed rather than baked.
I did posted this recipe earlier in my blog...do hop over here to have a peek.

I am yet to receive any call or email from Mamil Mama Gold club. Not sure whether I will be getting any prize from this contest. There is another "How do you name your child?" contest in this latest newsletter & when Ryan saw the prize "Mini friends finger paint set"...he kept asking me to get it for him, it definitely motivate me to join this contest.....wish me good luck!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Coffee....Do you like it?

I used to drink coffee almost every night when I was in my University. I always stayed up late at night especially during the final examination and coffee was the best company for me to keep me awake.
There are many type of coffee in the market,but some taste really nice especially Arabica Coffee which is done by Coffee Company. They are not only producing coffee,but also support the community by investing in medical services and education. Do check out their Coffee club for more details on how you can enjoy a fresh cup of coffee a day while contributing back to the community.

Furthermore, Coffee company also engaged in school fundraising program. It is definitely a very good program to follow, whereby your group will be paired with service representative to make this event successful.

I am Happy...

Happy ** Happy ** strike TOTO? 4D?....How I wish I will strike Toto or 4D one day..but today I am so happy because at last I won a contest.

This morning,while browsing through my facebook account...I saw a post which attracted my attention. What is that ???

>>>A note from Beau Ty Place...I won the consolation prize for Tag & Win contest.
So happy... I won myself 1x Doomagic Pillow Case....I will give this prize to Ryan...sure he will love it too.

Another happy news for sharing...I got a message from Winnie and Merryn that my recipe was
published in Nurture & U newsletter (from mamil gold club)...I am yet to received the newsletter from Mamil Gold Club. Looking forward to read it.....

Another happy news from Drypers (SCA)...I am looking forward for their latest parenting circle,till now I am yet to receive it. This morning, I make a call to SCA and I was informed that
there is bit delay in the postage..the lady told me that I won "2 star" for the latest edition and she will sent me a copy of the parenting circle soon. Hope to receive both the parenting circle and free drypers + mystery gifts from SCA.

Faxless Payday Loans

I guess you guys may have heard about cash advance facility from local bank. Do you guys take out this facility before?
For me...while I was working in Singapore bank as customer service officer in the call centre, I came across this loan facility. This offer is valid to all the bank's credit card holder. During the emergency, some people may really need this kind of facility to help up solving the problem.

For those friends residing in UK, have you ever come across 'payday loans' facility?
It is a loan facility targetted to those who need short term financial needs. The best part is that the borrower can get the fund on the same day if they were to apply the loan facility before the cut off time(monday-friday). There is a set of requirement need to fulfill in order for the loan to be approved.
Don't hesitate to check out for more details on this facility....!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Our Sunday...

Since Ryan has no school today, so I have chance to wake up late on Sunday.
But the lastest will be 8am, not more than 8.30am.
Ryan will be my alarm clock ..once he has woke up, he will look for whoever sleep beside him and then will ask for milk (is a must).
Last week, my husband noticed that Ryan will make the sound " churp churp" when my husband is making milk for him....I never noticed about it...until last night I was the one who make him the milk and he really make the sound "churp churp"....he can't wait for his milk, I guess.

Today is just another simple day for us....after having breakfast, I started to think what to cook
for lunch. Cook something simple & healthy,that will be chicken porridge and stir-fried brocoli baby corn(that is Ryan's favo dish). That is what we have for our lunch this afternoon.

As for dinner, I cook Bee Hoon curry chicken. I have been craving for curry chicken since last few weeks,but due to hot weather and husband just recovered from cough...I have to postpone my curry chicken dish. As for Ryan....of course, he won't be having curry chicken (too spicy for him).
I will cook homemade Kampua Mee for his dinner. Another simple dinner for us tonight.

Tell me about your weekend....?....Picnic? Shopping?

Wish everyone "Have a Great Weekend" !!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Ryan in action ***

Ryan has been playing with my glasses lately and to play safe, I better put my glasses at the safe place....It comes to my mind to buy him a sunglasses since he never has ONE at home.

Yesterday, I went to nearby store to look for it and I managed to find one for Ryan...super cheap one...only RM3. Anyway, no point to buy those expensive kid sunglasses for him....so I just get those cheap cheap one.....(oh..Mummy so stingy la).

Let's go back to the main point...after he has his lunch yesterday, I showed him the sunglasses and Ryan was super happy.....action here and there and I was laughing when I saw his cute actions.

Let's me show you how my notti boy put on his sunglasses......

Cute or not?......which picture you like most?....

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ryan @ 3 years 10 months

Today, Ryan has reached his 3 years 10 months old...a big boy.
Another 2 more months, Ryan will be reaching 4 years old...time flies so fast.
4 years ago...he was a small baby in my arm and now he is a toddler.

A lot of my friends & relatives are asking me....plan for the second one?....
Let me think & think......*** should I?... No. I will stick to 1 only.

Lastly,Mummy & Daddy wish Ryan stay healthy always !!!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shocking News...

This morning, while I was driving, I heard that an SMS was in to my mobile. After parking my car at the nearby supermarket, I read my SMS and it was from one of my friend in Penang. She was asking me about my best buddy's father news....
I did know that my best buddy's (Bren) father was sick last few days and the condition was not that good. I do hope miracle will happened,but unfortunately.....I got this shocking news that Bren's dad has passed away this morning. I was so sad :(...

I know that my buddy needs my support at this moment,but unfortunately, I am not going back to my hometown for the month of December.
I will get my brother to arrange for funeral flower for my buddy's family.

My deepest condolances to Brenda's family.....Be strong,girl!!

Fyi, Bren and I are classmate from primary till senior high school. We used to play together during our childhood. So our friendship was more than 20 over years...although we are not living in the same country now,but we also keep in touch with each other and when we have chance to meet up at our hometown, we will have a small gathering.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Back to School..

Today is the third day Ryan is back to school again. Last Friday, I sent him back to school since he looked pretty fine at home for the past few days.
I really hope he will be fine at school (I am very concern about his health). Giving him some vitamins to boost up his immune system,control his food intake (no junk food,biscuits and those fried food). Hope all my hard work will avoid him from getting tonsilitis.
Since Ryan was having tonsilitis very often, I never cook fried food,most of the time just stir-fried or steaming. It is more healthy.

After full consideration, we decided to send Ryan for his nursery class in December instead of
let him rest well at home for that whole month.
We are so worried that he will get lazy if were just stay at home for one full month.
I noticed that Ryan has been singing Christmas songs this few days...he must be learning them
from school...Do hope the school will engage Christmas Party for the kids since Ryan has missed out the last Mooncake festival party.

Christmas is on the way and this year, I will not going back to my hometown,Medan. Bit sad:(..
This is also my first time staying in Sibu for the month of december since I married to my husband. For sure, I am looking forward for my next trip to Medan..that will be in April 2011.
Can't wait for this DAY to come.....

Friday, November 26, 2010

Snooker Table...

So happy.....Not me,but Ryan because he has a new toy "snooker table".

When I saw this snooker table, I like it too because it is very cute and very fun playing
with this new toy. Lastnight,we were playing almost whole night after our dinner.
Of course, Ryan does not know how to play and he only want to play on his own way,
So let him be..as long as he is happy and enjoy the game..it is fine for me.

Both me and his daddy taught him the right way to play..but he refused to follow and
he said " No,......that is wrong...., it should be played like this ",then his daddy gave up and let him play alone. So mummy is always his best accompany when comes to playing toys.

Actually, I don't really know how to play real snooker.. *phaisei*,but if not mistaken, have to use the white ball to kick the rest of the ball into the hole....correct me if I am wrong?

Let's see how long can Ryan stick to this new toy " snooker table ",normally after playing for few days, he will start to get bored and will leave that toy aside. That's kid,easily get bored over their toys...Is that happened to your child too?

Thanks Grandma(my mil) for this pressie..

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cremation Jewelry

Ever heard of cremation jewelry?... I guess some of you may know about this. For me, It is something new, I only found out about this interesting stuff this afternoon while I was browsing some websites and I saw a link about cremation jewelry. Feeling curious to know more details....
I spent about half an hour to read through the information. Very useful !!

After browsing through this website....Wow Wow...it is something unique and sure I want my children to do it for me when I leave this beautiful world one day. ** Hope my children will read this post **

For those who has no idea on what I am talking about... A Simple introduction on this unique jewelry will definitely give you a better idea.
Cremation jewelry is a jewelry to keep our loved one's ashes. Nowadays, it has become one of the popular way to memorialize our loved one. It comes in different forms like pendant,ring, bracelet and those not only for human being,but also applicable for our pets.
For your information, some of these cremation jewelry can be worn or for home display purpose.

Thanks for the concern..

Firstly, Thank you so much for the kind concern... Ryan has recovered .. at least no more fever since yesterday and he is back to his active life and eat as normal.
But I still put him at home for the time being to make sure he is fully recovered before I send him back to school.
Another 5 days will be the end of the month of November and I am thinking whether to let Ryan continue his nursery class for the month of December.
I feel heartpain when I saw him fall sick almost every month and for the past two months, he was having tonsilitis very often. I have been paying extra attention on his food consumption...no junk food, no fried food, no biscuits...* all those heaty food are out from his food list*,but then he still easily get tonsilitis.

My husband 's cousin recommended "Propolis" to improve his immune system and I have started on Ryan since last week. Hope it works for Ryan.

Should I let Ryan go for nursery class in December....or just let him rest well at home for that whole month before he starts his Pre-K in January 2011 (that will be at another new school).

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Not A good Sign...

Yesterday morning, I noticed Ryan is not getting active like normal,but then no fever sign.As usual, i let him go to school.
When I fetched him back from school, He is still active and finished up his lunch.
Only after awhile, I felt his forehead is bit warm,...slight fever and faster feed him Fever medicine....That whole afternoon his fever remained at 37-37.2, only around 8pm,I noticed his fever was bit up to 37.8,fed him another dose of fever medicine. He was still active and played around till 11pm. Of course, no school for the next day.
Actually Ryan just recovered less than 2 weeks from fever & tonsilitis,...so I really hope this time not that serious.
This morning,his fever has subsided and he back to his normal, I have to keep monitoring his
condition and hope his fever won't be back again.
Everytime when Ryan has fever...I was like having 'heart attack'...full of worries and can't sleep well for whole night.

Get well soon, Ryan !!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

* Book Love Me giveaway *

This morning, I was doing blog hopping and I came across something interesting at Cynthia's blog. She is blogging about this Book Love Me Giveaway..Oh....not to think twice, I quickly click on the link and wanna join this giveaway contest too.

For those of you who are interested to join, quickly hop over to BlogLoveMe for more information.

This giveaway contest is open for both Malaysian and International winner.(not bad oh...)
Closing date : 8 Dec 2010...Hurry up !!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Some prizes...

Another backdated post...I supposed to upload it few days ago,but then camera was not at home,..so has to delay till today.
Some of the prizes that I received last week ... Very happy :)

I joined a bread stencil giveaway organized by Mummy blogger Jessica last month and to my suprise , I am one of the winner for the bread stencil. So happy when I saw the good news at Jessica's blog.

Thanks Jessica!!

Second prize is from Antabax. Let's click on this link for more details on Antabax product.
I am an active member in Facebook and when there is any contest/campaign going on, I will try to join if possible.
How am I getting those freebies from Antabax?....Please refer here for more details. And you guys definitely not late to join this campaign.

I would like to say Thanks to Antabax for the prize.

Third prize is from Eternity Malaysia...I did blog about this good news last week and few days ago , I received the prize from courier service.
Thanks Eternity Malaysia !!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Our first visit to National Library

I have been wanted to bring Ryan to Sibu National Library,but it was kept postponed due to Ryan fall sick for the past two weeks. Today, he looks so fresh in the morning and I decided to bring him to the library to see and borrow some books home.
It was my second visit to National library since I came to Sibu 6 years ago. My first visit to this library was about 4 years ago.Any changes in the library...not all all, still the old design.
Kalah teruk with those National Library in Singapore....only has one counter for registration, borrowing and returning section.
When I entered the library, I saw long queue at all the 3 sections...I faster brought Ryan to the children 's section and started to look for nice story books for him. Ryan was busy looking for books but after a while, he seem get bored. Lots of old story books and some are bit complicated for Ryan to read and understand. I can sense that Ryan started to feel boring....and I am right, in the next few seconds, he told me "mummy, we go home ya".
Then I said " wait for a while, Ryan"...mummy looked for some nice books for you,then we go home. We were in the library for about 30 mins only, and I managed to find 5 short story books for Ryan.
Since I was not a Malaysian, I checked with the registration counter whether I can join as their member or not and lucky, the lady said "ok". Another 10 minutes for registration(pretty slow service) and paid Rm9 for registration fee. I will only get my library card on my next visit. For the time being, the lady only issue me a receipt for my own record.
Ryan was happy...at last can go back home. and it was almost lunch time also...I rushed back home and cooked simple lunch for 3 of us.

Probably Ryan has not get used to the library environment as it was his first visit to the library.
But frankly speaking, I prefer to go there myself,..at least I can see the books freely and it takes lot of time to find a suitable books to borrow.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Business Directory

Due to high living standard,there is a need for me to look for a job to earn extra money for my family. After being a full-time housewife since I gave birth to my son, probably now is the time for me to join the workforce again...Hopefully, I am not out from this society world which I have left for the past 4 years.
Not easy to get a suitable job,but I am telling myself,not to give up. As long as I have strong determination, sure I can do it.
While surfing online for some job vacancies, I came across this Business Directory which provide very useful information of different business links like accouting, finances,jobs,and so on.
I have bookmarked this website and will hop on to this website for my future references.
It is my pleasure to share this useful information with my bloggers' friends here.


Not a good day for me because Ryan was sick again last Saturday..This time , he was having throat infection + fever Again(exactly same last 2 weeks ago's sickness).
What happened is last saturday I still sent him to school as he did not show any sickness symptons in the morning, no calls from teacher for the whole morning...only when I fetched him around noon time, I could sense Something has happened to Ryan again as he looks weak and no mood. He did not even touched the food I prepared for him and no smile on his face when he saw me at school(which is not his usual act).
Faster rush back home and BINGO...he has no appetite to eat for lunch..only few scoops of noodles and a bowl of barley water. Fed him fever + antibiotic(which he is supposed to have it ...an advice from doc to finish the whole bottle of antibiotic). That Saturday, Ryan has a quick nap. He woke up around 2 pm....still has slight fever, no mood. Then he got back to sleep again....and around 3.40pm...his fever started to shoot up. Not to wait, faster rush him to doctor since the doct clinic is closing at 4.30pm. Just drove out from home less than 3 minutes, Ryan vomitted inside the car....aiyah...has to rush back home to get him changed...Lucky my mil was at home and lastly she accompanied me and Ryan to the clinic. No more vomitting session inside the car...
Doctor was curious to saw Ryan again and asking me what happened to Ryan? I told him..should be throat infection + fever. Doct said ...Ryan's throat is swollen + red and it is bit weird that he will get it as he is still taking the antibiotic. Ryan suggested to let Ryan has an injection for speedy recovery as he got the same sickness within a week time...pretty short duration. And this time, the throat looks more teruk..So ryan was having an injection + suppository as his fever has reached 39 at that point of time. Ryan was having the same medicine as his last 2 weeks ago....and I have to monitor his condition closely...there is possibility to come back for 2nd injection if no recover sign after 24 hours.

At saturday midnight, as expected fever came back on and off....12midnight, I gave him a suppository as fever started to shoot up and followed by fever medicine at 3am. Then he slept till next morning and woke his daddy up at 7.10am. Have his milk and he looked slightly better. The whole sunday morning, he looked fine...we just stayed at home for whole sunday..no outing.
Around 11am...his fever started to come back...slight fever 37.4, faster fed him another dose of fever medicine and Ryan was having porridge for his lunch(glad that he likes porridge suddenly...no rejection and showed good appetite).He can play as normal.....
Only after waking up from his nap....has slight fever,that was around 5pm...another dose of fever medicine, then he looked active and even joined his daddy washing the car at the yard.
During dinner time, he can eat as normal (rice + fish+ vegetable)....and I was monitoring his condition very closely. Have to wake up every hour to monitor his body temperature.

For this whole month, Ryan will be resting well at home ( as per doctor's advices ) for 100 % recovery,before he started his school routine. So it means I will be busier at home for this whole month entertaining Ryan 24/7.

Hope Ryan will get well soon.....!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

"Surprisingly Surprise Appreciation"

Last night, I was googled around with my Facebook account and suddenly I noticed a post from Eternity Malaysia about "suprisingly surprise appreciation".

I was curious ... what is it about...? So I clicked on that link and scroll down....then suddenly I saw my name and picture is there...Oh, I was so happy because I got myself Kracie Ichikami Hair Treatment (200g).

Get some info about this product :

Description:Kanebo ICHIKAMI Treatment is based on the herbal hair treatment adopted by the ancient Japanese. Botanical ingredients are contained to repair and hydrate damaged hair. Hair becomes stronger and more resilient. 2 natural treatment oils, Rice Oil and Walnut Oil, are added to leave hair velvety smooth with healthy glow.

How to use it:After shampooing, dispense a proper amount to palm. Massage into dampened hair for 1-2 minutes. Rinse off thoroughly.

Ingredients:Blackberry Lily Extract Rice Grain Juice Extract Camellia Extract Rice Oil Walnut Oil

Country of origin:Japan

I have sent out my details to the Eternity Malaysia admin and looking forward to receive this hair treatment.

For those who has not joined Eternity Malaysia fans page at facebook...Hurry up, let's join!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ryan @45 months old...

Another 3 more months Ryan will be 4 years old....

It has been long time I never update on Ryan's milestones progress and let's me recall back
any new development on Ryan @ 45 months old.

1. more independent nowadays....but there is also time whereby will ask for Mummy's help.
He just like to manja with mummy...so what to do...mummy has to entertain him too because sayang Ryan.

2. can hold pencils in the right way and has started to write numbers in Mandarin.
Sametime mummy is learning those mandarin words together with Ryan as Mummy is a @banana@...mummy can only speak simple mandarin,no writing and reading for Mandarin words.
Lots more to go for Mummy and Ryan in learning Mandarin words...

3. like to follow anywhere mummy and daddy is going,unless mummy and daddy are going to doctor,then he won't join.
No choice...has to let him join,or else, he will cry and show sad face.

4. like to read story books.
It has been routine that every night Ryan will grab his story books and flip them over before
going to sleep.

5. a good helper at home.
Ryan likes to help mummy at home...a little helper,but everytime he does help,mummy become
more busier. But mummy always appreciate his little helps.

6. start to like eating banana and papaya again.

7. like to drink chinese herbal soup (those black in colour).
Ryan does not really like to drink soup during his meal,but when come to this black chinese herbal soup, he can finish up one whole soup without mummy asking him to drink soup.

8. very concern about Mommy and Daddy.
Everytime when mummy or daddy are driving a car and he saw other car started to get close to our car, he will shout " mummy/daddy, becareful",drive slowly. Good boy, Ryan !!

That's all I can think of about Ryan's development....

Lastly, Ryan will be finishing his Nursery class this coming December and next year January 2011,Ryan will be entering Pre-Kindee and today I have registered him to Tadika Rejang Park(his daddy's ex- kindee). Hope Ryan can adapt well in his new kindee next year as it will be a new environment and new friends for him.

And not to forget,Mummy and Daddy hope Ryan stay healthy and happy always!!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Not a good news..

Last saturday,29 Oct 2010..as usual Ryan will have his half day nursery class,sent him to school in the morning ,while inside the car, I touched his forehead and feel slight warm and he did sneeze few times in the morning. I thought he still looked fine,so let's him go to school to have some fun there.
Unfortunately, around 8.40pm, My MIL gave me a call and told me that the teacher actually phoned her to inform that RYAN was not doing well...eyes kept have tears and runny nose, body started to get warm...OH...not a good sign, and my heart was beating fast when I heard this bad news...I knew...Ryan was getting SICK again. Since he has a fever,probably he got sore throat again.
Faster rush to fetch Ryan home and when I saw my poor boy so weak..my heart was so pain.
But I did not rush him to paed,let him eat medicine that I standby at home and see how it goes.
Fever started to come down and he has his nap around 12noon...I kept monitoring his body temperature and around 2pm, it seemed his body started to get warm again,but he still sleep
soundly. Since Dr.Law still opened till 4.30pm, I woke Ryan up and we went to Dr.Law for medication. Bingo...throat bit swollen,but no ulcers...Doc gave antibiotic and fever medicine.
As for flu medicine, I did not buy because I have 1 bottle standby at home.

After back home, Ryan felt hungry and I cook noodle for him and he walloped whole plate clean.
His body temperature still remain around 37.3....but he still look active and talkactive.
During dinner time, his body temperature started to raise up and at 7pm, I gave him another dose of fever medicine....Hopefully, his fever will go down...and Yes...it really went down and he
back to normal..can play and ride his bicycle,but no appetite on rice,only around 9pm, he told me he felt hungry and I gave him some bread and drank his Enfa as usual.Not to forget, drank plenty of water too.

That night, we slept late...around 11pm, Ryan's started to feel tired and his temperature has raised up to 39.This time, I chose to put suppository to bring down his fever.The whole night, I was not sleep well...every hour, I would wake up and monitor Ryan's condition..the worst is after suppository,his fever went down for 2-3 hours and it came back (totally different from normal situatio). Not to wait, I woke Ryan up and I fed him fever medicine, pray hard that his fever would went down. It did....he slept till next morning 8am,and his fever never came back...maintaining below 37.

Only around 2pm this afternoon...I touched his forehead and felt slightly warm,measured 37.2 and it was almost his nap time. Fed him fever + antibiotic medicine and lastly he slept at 3pm.
While I am writing this post, Ryan is still in his dreamland. Really pray hard that his fever won't come back again.....and Hope Ryan will get well soon.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Animal Set

*Backdated post*

Another new toy for Ryan......It is " an animal set".

It seem last month Ryan has been getting more than one set of new toy...This animal set is a gift from daddy. He saw it from school and kept mentioning to me that he wanted an animal set at home toy.

After been nagging for about a week....daddy decided to buy it for Ryan and not to mentioned, Ryan was so happy.

After playing for few days, I noticed this animal set has sat inside the plastic bag and today, I took it out for Ryan to play again.

I noticed Ryan easily get bored with his toy,so I played a trick to keep some of his old toys,and a few weeks later, I will take it out for him to play again and he definitely love to play with that toy .Or else, I have to keep buying him a new toy which is not a good solution and also not the right way to pamper him.

Friday, October 22, 2010

My PlaySchool.Net

My PlaySchool.Net is established by two gorgeous moms who share a tremendous passion for Early Childhood education.
They hope that their site will be our source of inspiration for home learning with our child and an early childhood learning resource that all parents can refer to.
Those who are interested to know more, let's drop by My Playschool.net for more information.

Currently, they are organizing a Giveaway " 3 Math Start Books" to 3 lucky winners.
The 3 Little Firefighters, Beep Beep Vroom Vroom and The Best Buddy Counts.

You guys may be wondering...what is Math Start ?...

A quote from the author Stuart Murphy on the Math Start series of books;
'The MathStart books are about telling stories using pictures, words and math. Pictures are important because many children are visual learners. They learn new concepts and new ideas more easily through diagrams and models than through text and numbers alone. Words are important because kids like stories. Stories are a way to demonstrate mathematical ideas in contexts that kids care about and show how math is used in their own lives. Math, of course, because understanding and enjoying mathematics is an essential life skill.'

How to join this giveaway contest ? Pretty easy...
1. Go to My Playschool.net website and fill up your details.

If you wanna have 2 more chances of winning :
1. If you are a new addition to our 'LIKE' Myplayschool.net on Facebook (1 more chance)
2. Post the details of this giveaway on your blog (1 additional chance of winning)

Contest will be open until November 19th,Friday midnight. and is only applicable for readers in Asia.
Winners will be randomly selected for the items and the result will be announced on Monday, November 21st. Please check back on this website to see if you have won the prize.
The winners will need to email contact.myplayschool@gmail.com to provide name and shipping address.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Big Blue Ball... Triple "B"

Today, Ryan another new toy from his Ah-Mah, a big blue ball (Should called as "triple B")....]He was so happy...!!
He has been asking me whether Ah-Mah did buy a ball for him as promised while I went to fetch him back from school just now and I said " I don't know" , so I told him to just wait till ]Ah-Mah(my mil) back home ,then he asked himself.

Oh after having his lunch, Just now Ah-Mah came back home with the big blue ball. Ryan was extremely happy when he saw this ball. He started to play around with the ball and I put him on top of the ball because the ball is super big and can support his weight,but Ryan scared..kept telling me..later he felt down.
Even during shower time, he wanted his ball to keep him accompany in the bathroom.
Okie...to let him happy, I allowed him to take in the big ball and we showered the ball too. Having so much fun in the bathroom.

After showering, he played with the big ball in the bedroom while I busy snapping some pictures. He did some cute poses in front of my camera and moving non-stop.So hard to capture nice pictures of Ryan nowadays.He just can't stand or sit still...like cacing(little worm) ....moving around.
It was time to nap and he demanded to sleep with his big ball. I noticed Ryan like to sleep with his new toys and it happened lots of time...sometimes he even hug his new toy sleep soundly.
But for this big ball,he is not able to hug it because it is super BIG for him.

Monday, October 18, 2010

For all Facebook friends...

I was joining a facebook contest organised by SABAH TEA few days ago and I am aiming
for their weekly prize which is pretty good.
There will have 4 rounds of weekly prize before proceed for the grand prize.
In order to win for the weekly prize, I need some votes from my dear facebook friends.I really need their supports in order to win this contest.

Frankly speaking..I do think this contest is bit leceh,because more steps to follow.But I will really appreciated your time and effort to give me a vote and your single vote definitely play an important role for my winning in this Sabah Tea contest.

Here are the steps to follow :-

Click LIKE on the profile page

Go to CONTEST and SIGN UP your account.

After Sign Up, You can always skip the submission of your post for this contest. If u wish to join,then you go ahead to type your post & click SUBMIT.
Or else, you click VIEW ENTRIES, and go to this link
Currently, I am at page.5 or you can also find my name MERY SIA . As more people are joining this contest, my post will move to the next page(pls view page 6 onwards for my name).

Lastly, click LIKE on my post (my name will appear : MERY SIA).

For those who has not added me into your friend list in facebook...please add me : shia88@hotmail.com.

Please give me a vote before 19 Oct 2010.
Thanks friends !!

Friday, October 15, 2010

My Big Baby...

Ryan has been asking me to let him bath using the bath tub which I have kept it in store room, I have stopped letting him use the bath tub since Ryan can walk well. Ryan wants to swim inside the bath tub.
Ok..since only that bath tub is big enough to fit him, I let him play water inside the bath tub and
he enjoyed it alot. He even took some of his toy & put inside the bath tub .
I let him have some fun there before I continue to bath him clean.

Although the bath tub is bit small for him to move around, but seeing his happy face playing with water, I also feel happy.
Maybe I should consider to let Ryan learn swimming in future.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I hate this BUG...

When cough bug strike one of us at home....I just hate it and wanna get rid of it.
Then here comes the MEDICINE to cure the cough and this time , Ryan is getting
cough bug again. These was his 3rd time getting cough bug for this year.
OMG....what happen to Ryan? He seem easily fall sick after attending nursery.
Should I consider to change him to another school?...Maybe...???
I guess Ryan has a poor immune system,that is why he is easily kena cough or flu bug.

Yesterday night, I noticed Ryan's voice started to change a little bit...not as usual and I
let him drink plenty of water to clear his throat.
I kept asking him whether he has a sore throat and he told me "NO NO",ok...at least, he still
has appetite to eat and stay active.
This morning, he woke up as usual...then I started to hear him cough with lot of phelgm.
Oh gosh.....Cough bug is attacking him. He did not cough often ,but then I can hear the
phelgm in his throat everytime when he cough.
Faster get him eat cough medicine and after sending him off to school, I rushed to Dr.Law's clinic to get a box of MUCOLATOR(medicine to clear phelgm)- it consist of 6 small packs and Ryan need to eat 2 packs per day. Most of the time, when Ryan was sick,...I will let him eat medicine that I have standby at home for at least 2 days, if show no recovery sign,only then I will bring him for a doctor. Sometimes, I even know what medicine the doctor is going to give...Oh...Mummy is a 'home doctor' too...that is because Ryan has been checked in to Dr.Law almost every month since he started his nursery class.

Hope after the home medication, Ryan will gets better...
Takecare everyone !!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

New Toy and New Sandal..

Ryan has been fancied on animal toy lately and yesterday he went back home with a
small tiger toy(That tiger toy is belong to school and I only knew he went put inside his bag when we reached home...Has reminded him not to bring back any toys belong to school..or else it will be a very bad habit).

So....today I decided to buy him an animal toy( a reward for being good boy at home), after fetching him back from school, we have our lunch at home first before heading to nearby supermarket to get the toy.
At first, Ryan took the animal toy and said " I want this",got lion,tiger,etc...but a moment later,
he felt more interested in the fishing set which hang on the rack and they are few type of fishing game set. At last , I asked him which one he prefer : fishing set or animal toy?.....
You guess.....what he want?....He said " I want fishing set", can play later which having his bath.
Okie..since he prefer the fishing set, he chose one of it and we went to cashier for payment.

Before we walked to the car, we passed by a small section which are having sales...everything in RM10 and it was crowded,but I managed to squeeze in and I saw this Mickey sandal...so cute, actually I have seen this sandal before in the Sunday Market,but then I did not buy it.
Lucky, I never buy that time because now the supermarket is selling even cheaper with the same design and material.(looks like crocs,but not crocs la..).I let Ryan try and he also like it.
Therefore, I Got a pair of new Mickey sandal for Ryan and I choose bigger size since current sandal he is wearing is in fine condition.

I did saw some t-shirt and short pant on sales too,but it was too crowded and I prefer to go back there again tomorrow morning myself,without Ryan.I can shop easily with Ryan tagging along.
So..tomorrow will be another shopping day for me.
**Happy weekend**

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Car Repair

Since I moved back to Sibu after getting married, I determined to learn driving.Or else, my life will feel miserable if I were to depend on my husband to drive me out all the time.
Okie...let's get myself register to the driving school and it was not easy like my hometown, Indonesia whereby there is no need to attend the exam at all in order to get a driving license .
Oh Gosh ***... I need to attend theory and practical course in order to obtain my Malaysia driving license. Leceh ... and I took 3 weeks to complete the practical course, sat for both the exam and I passed !!
HORRAY...HORRAY.... It meant I can drive on the road.Bit nervous when I first drove on the road,however, I managed to run out from the fear and now....I can drive smoothly on the road everyday without any fear.

I started to drive my husband's car in and out everyday... and I enjoy driving very much. Getting a new car is pretty easy,When coming to the maintenance , it costs lot of money especially when we found out something wrong with the car. Need to go for repair and change a new spareparts...NOT CHEAP!!
I am browsing through some online website for car repair and come across Houston Auto Repair. It is an amazing website which provide a complete details of some repair shops and mechanics in Houston (for those staying in Houston, this information may be needed).

Lately, my husband discovered our car seem have bit problem. Probably, it is time for oil change and some brake job to be carried out. We plan to send our car for maintenance service this weekend.

We do plan of getting a new car since both me and my husband are driving now.It is much more convenience to have two cars at home, in case, one car is broke down, we do have another car for spare used. How about this car Acura TL brand ? Anyone can give some comments on this car brand? For your info,the Acura TL is a mid-size luxury car from Honda's Acura brand.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Mid Autumn Festival

*This is a backdated post*

Mid Autumn Celebration was fall on 22 Sept 2010. As usual, we will have simple celebration at home. MIL was doing the cooking and I did help her up in the kitchen preparing the dishes.
She cooked lot of dishes and the whole dining table was full of food. Too bad , I forgot to snap the picture of the food.
Let's me recall back what food we were having on that day : siomay,corn soup,stir fried brocoli with mushroom,stew pork with Mantow,fried bread stuffed pork,fried noodle,fried kwetiaw.
With only 4 adults and 1 kid, we did not manage to finish up all the dishes. We have a wonderful dinner on that day.

After dinner, we went to Town Area to see the lantern festival.It was pretty crowded,but
nothing much to see.Only few lanterns with some lighting.
When I saw those lantern, I miss the Singapore Lantern Festival at Chinese Garden.
When I was in Singapore , I always been to the Lantern Festival every year and the lanterns were great with different cartoon character, I hope one day I will visit Singapore again for the lantern festival.

Some of the pictures taken in town area :

* Day View*

*Night View*

Lastly, this is Ryan's picture with his Doraemon Lantern(from MIL) and his own-made lantern(from school).

Monday, September 20, 2010

Some Updates on Ryan..

As per my last post, I do hope Ryan will attend his school early
Mooncake celebration,but at last he has to feel dissapointed as he did not manage to attent it as he still feel unwell on that day.
After seeing doctor for the very first time and taking Antibiotik, Ryan did not
show any improvement, fever kept coming back...no choice, has to visit doctot for second time. This round, doctor suggested for an injection as Ryan's throat is pretty bad infected. Okie...since this is the best choice, I agreed to it.
I was so glad that his condition showed slight improvement after the first injection(or else Ryan will end up in the Hospital again) and yesterday, Ryan has to go back for second injection again.
As off today, Ryan's fever has subsided ,but I still let him rest for one day at home.
I plan to let him go to school tomorrow. And tomorrow night, Ryan still need to go to doctor for another check-up.

I really hope Ryan will fully recovered soon.
*This is the second bad experience for me of Ryan getting high fever*

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Sick Boy

Yesterday afternoon (15/9/2010) Ryan developed slight fever before he goes for his nap. Since it is around 37.2, I did not give him the fever medicine and would like to monitor his condition. Before 4 pm, he woke up and I knew his fever must be shoot up which caused him feel uncomfortable to nap (normally Ryan will take at least 2-3 hours nap everyday). Faster feed him Fever medicine and within an hour,his fever subsided.He still looked active and we still went to town area to see Lanterns and took some pictures.
During dinner, he ate as normal,slowly his fever came back again. Since it has over the first 4 hours from the first medicine,gave him another dose of fever medicine. But I noticed his fever did not subsided totally,still maintain slight fever.
In the midnight, hubby woke me up because Ryan 's temperature has raised up, OMG... it was around 38.2,fed him another dose of fever medicine.I did not sleep well that whole night, I woke up every hour to check on Ryan's condition. It seem not getting better,around 5am, I gave him suppository(the last resort- although I knew Ryan hate it...no choice).Finally one hour later, his body started to sweat and his fever has gone.He managed to get a good sleep till 8.30am.
He got active back again this morning, as usual,drank his milk,watched cartoon.
When came to breakfast time, I actually cooked porridge for him,but he refused to eat,instead I gave him a slice of bread and he only could finish 3/4.I guess Ryan must have a throat infection again which caused him uncomfortable to swallow solid food.
I decided to bring him to Dr.Law for medical assistance.Lucky Dr.Law's clinic is opened for half day today and before went to Dr.Law, I feed Ryan another dose of fever medicine as his fever started to come back again.
After checking by doctor...BINGO....throat infection which caused Ryan to have fever.
Tillnow, his fever still up and down,not fully recover.
Hope by tomorrow, Ryan will get better since there will be an early mooncake celebration at school this saturday and I do hope Ryan will have chance to join this celebration.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Breakfast

I am always having bread with kaya or jam,Pau,Mantao,or porridge for my breakfast.

After my hubby went to work, I started my project in the kitchen.
I opened up my cabinet...oh, just nice a can of luncheon meat and few slices of white bread.
Then opened my fridge, I have a KRAFT Cheese,carrot and some butter.
My brain started to think what to cook for my breakfast today.....*think think think*, got an idea,let's try make my "OWN RECIPE", not sure what is the title for my recipe.
I will think later as my stomach started to make noise.

Faster get out the steamer ,sliced the luncheon meat thinly and let it steeam for 10 minutes.
Once it is done, sprinkle few slices of thinly cut cheese on top of a bread,placed the luncheon meat and some sliced carrots,then top it with some cheese again and place another slice of bed..it looks like a sandwiches now.Apply some butter on both side of the breads.

I have not been eating toasted bread for very long time and my toaster has been in the store room for quite some time.It is time to make use of it.

I placed the sandwiches into the toaster.Toasted it for 3 minutes...smell not bad.
3 minutes is done,opened up the toaster,pour bit of honey on top of the sandwiches and toast for another 1 minute.

......... Ting Ting......... A ring from my toaster.


My sandwiches is ready to be served.Taste good....Cheesy and I love the honey mixed with butter taste.
Tomorrow I will be making this sandwiches again for my hubby to try out.

While eating, I kept thinking what should I name this recipe...
How about "Honey Cheesy Sandwiches"? Does it sound good.....?

Friday, September 3, 2010

All in One Again...

*Backdated post *

All are some good news for sharing...
I have accumualated all those good news and today I am going to blog about it one by one.

1. A Birthday card from Mamil Mama Gold Club.
A week before my birthday(27Aug), I received a birthday card from Mamil Mama Gold Club.I am definitely not their active member,but then they also have ME in their heart...so glad to receive this birthday card.
Thanks to DUMEX...

2. A Birthday point from Enfamama Club.
On my birthday, I received an SMS from Enfamama Club on my mobile phone that I am entitled for 100
birthday points and to activate the point , I need to call their hotline.
Yes...I got xtra 100 points into my enfa account...will use it to redeem for some
items in future.

3. A gift from Dumex.
I did joined the 'tried and tested tip contest' quite sometimes backs.can't remember when and to my suprise, I won the contest.
I received a parcel from Skynet and when I opened it up,it is "My Little Library",it consisted of 6 little mini books...it definitely another adding to Ryan's book collection.

4. Redemption gift from Drypers.
I received a form from SCA for the redemption of photo album and coinbox few months
ago. I need to have 6 barcodes for this redemption and just nice in my drawer, I have
those 6 barcodes that needed for the redemption..Faster mail out the form and......***at last, I got this gifts sent to me via Skynet courier service.
I also received 2 packs for Drypantz for complimentary...save $$ on diapers.
Thanks SCA for the gifts.

5. My Birthday Celebration (27 aug 2010).
At last, I can have a break for that night...no cooking for me and my husband decided
to bring us for dinner at RH HOTEL.They are having Ramadhan buffet and it is only available during the Ramadhan period.
Since we never tried before..let's go and have a our dinner there.
It was full house and lucky ,we managed to get the last table(just nice*table for 3*)
Then I was walking to see what kind of food they served for this Ramadhan buffet.Most of the tray are empty .. sure all sapu habis by other customers,as I saw some customers was having their fruits when we just arrived. We arrived there around 7pm,still early,but the buffet started at 6pm,so within that one hour, most of the nice food was sapu clean clean. Never mind,the chef was cooking to top up the empty food.
So I took non-spicy food for Ryan and for myself, Of course, I will choose those spicy food like rendang beef,prawn masak merah,ayam pongteh,etc..whatever balance food in the tray, I took some and tried them out.Not bad....I love those spicy food.
I was so hungry and did not took photo of the food.
We was there for almost 2 hours.....I was so full.Only after eating full,I realized that we have not taken any pics,faster grab my camera and snap few pics before we left the Hotel cafe.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

** Wear a HAT **

I love to see my son Ryan putting on a hat...he just looks cute on it and he has few hats, all are a present from my mum since he was born.Since he has grown up now , it is time to get him a new hat as the size of his head has grown bigger .
I have been looking for some children hats at my town here,but seem can't find any nice one and I don't like those designs,not my taste...or maybe I have too high expectation...I guess so !!

When I was busy google for some nice hats online,I came across this Winter Hats Boutique.
They have largest selection of high quality winter hats at the best possible prices. For those who stay in USA and Canada, they will entitle for free shipping.
Such a good customer service...

Winterhats boutique has wide varieties from Woman's winterhats,Men's winterhats and even kids winterhats.
I love this "Herringbone Driver",the design looks simple and nice.

Not to forget, I also google for some of its Woman hats collection.Among its Womens Winter Hats collection, I am falling in love with this "Womens Wool Felted Hat".

Does it looks nice??.....Yes,I definitely love this hat design.(**hope my husband will read this post & give me a suprise gift**)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Shopping......for Children SHOES..

Am I a shopalholic?? Yes..I used to be a shopalholic when I was "Single" and still working in Singapore. Almost every weekend, I will go for shopping,not to forget buy something for myself,of course, I was not aiming for those branded goods.
As long as the things I like,suit me and the price is reasonable,then I will
grabbed it.That was my past...

Now, after married, no working(means no income), my shopalholic habit has "GONE".
I only shop for whatever necessary and most of my shopping is goes to my son Ryan.I seldom shop for myself.

I have been planning to get a pair of new shoes for Ryan since the one he is having now started to get tight for his feet.
While browsing through some online store for children shoes, I came across this children shoes website - baby shoes.
Start-rite today is an eighth generation family business. They are a wholesaler whose brand retails through a network of over 400 independent and multiple retailers across the UK and internationally.Apart from it,Start-rite shoes achieved another first when, as supplier of footwear to the Windsor children, it was granted the Royal Warrant by Queen Elizabeth in 1955.

After browsing through this interesting website, I definitely fall in love with some of the shoes displayed especially these Trainer GSR 1905.
The shoes is ultra lightweight and non-marking whilst the cushioned sock offers additional support and comfort. The additional benefit is the anti-bacterial lining which eliminates any odours. This is definitely the best shoes for sport(ie: football).

How I wish I have a daughter, as the shoes range for girls in Star-rite are so tempting. I can't resist to google more on Girls' shoes section and I found some girls' shoes that I like.
Does it means... I am planning for my second child?? ...... " A Big Question Mark"......Let's you guys GUESS !!*****

Lastly, I found this useful tutorial in youtube on how to on how to measure your own kids' feet using Start-rite's programme called Click 'n' Fit. By using this programme, you can accurately measure your child's feet, determine the footwear size appropriate for your child and make your order from Start-rite. Pretty simple...,right?

Take your sweet time to have a close look on this tutorial:

Star-rite is not only offer best range for children shoes,but it does have provide a good information on how to get the best shoes which fit your child's feet ,not to forget, it does have "win free shoes" contest opened to UK residents only.Don't miss out this good chance!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Today is My Birthday

*** Not Ryan's birthday,but is Ryan's mummy birthday ***
This morning, I told RYan that today is his mummy's bday,then he said...
No No...is Ryan's birthday.
I guess my boy like to have birthday few times in a year,because he likes
to eat cake.
Not to forget, ryan sing a birthday song(malay style) this morning before
he goes to school. So cute.. and I definitely feel happy today.

I wish myself " Happy Birthday "...

Monday, August 23, 2010

My Bad Day...

My Birthday is fall in August...another 4 more days to go will be
my BIRTHDAY. However,alot of bad things happened to me within these two

The first case is happened last week when I went to renew my VISA.
It has been my fifth year for Visa Renewal and I always park my car at the
roadside(yellow line area) because the car park is always Full-house.
I reached there in the morning around 8.40am...unfortunately, I forget to
bring enough cash ,therefore, I drove back to Maybank to do the withdrawal and drove
back again to the Immigration Office.
Parked my car at the same place (yellow line area) which I used to park there
every year when I renewed my visa.
Walked up to the office and it was DONE within 15 mins...Super Fast!!
OMG...when I reached my car, I saw a slip of paper near the mirror there, I was
thinking it should be some promotion notice of certain goods.Unfortunately,
when I read carefully, it was a SUMMON from trafik polis...Oh gosh, it was my first
time to get a summon and one thing for sure, my wallet is going to have another hole
I have just spend RM105 for my visa renewal and now I have to pay for the Summon.
Anyway, it cost me RM30 for the summon(not a big sum...but also money lol).

The second case is happened TODAY (23/8/2010). I went to fetch Ryan back from school and these two days Sibu was kept raining and some area has flooded.
Outside my house main road was bit flooded and it was jammed with so many cars, so
I thought of going back home from another route.However, I never knew that the place I intended to passby was so terrible...it was flooded very high and I got myself stuck in between. I should say " I am stupid", I should not drive all the way through
the flood water in the first place,but I also never realized that the water level
can be so high and it was not only flooded at that part of street, It was almost
the whole street was full with water.
I could not blame others..I should blame myself being " so stupid ",what to do....???
My heart was beating fast and my brain kept thinking, should I u-turn back in order to go back home...and If I were to u-turn back,of course, I have to pass through again the flooded area where I have pastby just now and for my car...it is pretty dangerous...my car engine can be easily stop working and I will be in the middle of the "SEA"(really looks like a sea..yellowish water).
Luckily ,there was another uncle who followed my car and he was stucked here with me.
Have a short chat with him on what is his next plan...at last, I decided to park my car at the road side(that car park has no water),then follow that Uncle's car back home with Ryan. This Uncle was kind enough to send me home...Thanks God!! I have a rescuer.
Before I went off to his car, I noticed that my Plat number(front part) has gone missing and I believe it was lying in the flood (the yellowish water)...what to do...
I have to spent Money again to make the new plat number,or else, police will catch me
After reached home and have my lunch...my MIL sent me to nearby neighbourhood to
get the Plat Number done,cost me RM40.At that point of time, the sun was bright and the water level started to slow down...best time to fetch my car back home.So MIL
sent me back to the place where I parked my car. Still flooded,but at least the water started to slow down(not that high level).
Slowly, I drove back home safely. Thanks god....I managed to get my car back home.

I pray hard that no more bad things happened to me AGAIN.
My birthday is coming soon (this 27 Aug) and I wish all those bad things will bring
some good luck to me.Pray hard!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Mooncake Giveaway..

My dear friends........
I am not the person who is doing the giveaway contest.
It is my blogger friend,Cynthia who is having this Mooncake Giveaway in conjuction with the upcoming celebration of Mid Autumn Festival.

Apart from having this giveaway contest, Cynthia is making Mooncakes for sale and
this year will be her second year in this mooncake business.
Click HERE for the pricelist details.

So...what to wait...Hurry up make some mooncake order from Cynthia anytime anywhere you want.

**Good luck to Cynthia on her mooncake business**

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Off from School...

Today, I let Ryan off from school...
Because he gets flu(runny nose) and cough.
It started last Friday and after home medication, shows
no recovery .So yesterday night, I decided to bring him
to Dr.Law for further medication.
Bill cost RM66 for flu,phelgm,Singulair(3 packs cost RM28) medicine
and 1x nebulizer.

Tonight, Ryan still need to go for 1x nebulizer.

This morning, his condition gets better. no runny nose since he woke
up and hope by tomorrow he can start school again.

My dear boy Ryan...have a speedy recovery!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

" Sand Castle and Christmas Tree "

I am back...after MIA for 3 weeks,at last I have time to update my blogs.

I have been busy with daily routine and was fall sick last few days(sore throat,fever and body-ache).
Today I feel much more better,just need to drink plenty of water to make my
throat feels comfortable.

Let's go back to the topic...It is another backdated post about Ryan's
My husband has been buying MacDonalds Set Meal just to collect the McD World Cup Contour Glass,for 5 consecutive weeks and he also bought 2 sets for each week.
The set meal came with ice-cream sundae and I kept all the ice-cream cups for
Ryan to play(as his toys).
Ryan has been using them to play bowlings,create sandcastle,christmas tree,etc...
Whatever he can think of,he will do it.So I just let him play around with the Mcd cup and see him play happily, I also feel happy.

Let's the picture do the talking now.......

**Sand castle**

**Christmas tree**

Do they look like SandCastle and Christmas Tree?
For sure...Ryan will say "YES".....

Friday, July 16, 2010

Ryan's progress..

After resting at home for 2 months, Ryan has started his half day nursery class in July 2010.

I was so worried that he will cry and make a fuss at school. Thanks GOD,...everything is going well and he can adapt well.
The only problem is that he still refuse to eat the food given by the school. I have to tapao some cake or bread for him to school,or else, he will get hungry.
Of course, every morning, he will have a bottle of milk before goes to school.

Ryan can sing lot of nursery songs and his writing and colouring skills has improved too.
Every night, I will do some revision with him on letters and numbers.
Last night, we did a writing of number 4. and he managed to write it well.
Tonite, we will be doing number 5 and number 6.

Sometimes when I read out certain letter, he will be able to write it out too.

My big problem is writing a mandarin words. Since I am BLIND with mandarin words, for sure I won't be able to teach him Mandarin in future.It is time for me to learn Mandarin too. Oh Gosh ** .... am I too old for it??
I have to start myself up from the basic level........I am not sure whether my brain is working well or not,after retiring from my study for so long.Need some motivation to do it well !!! Help Help Help..........

Thursday, July 8, 2010

New Look......New Day **

After resting at home for 2 days due to stomach upset, Ryan has started school again today. Everything goes well... He can adapt well except does not want to eat the food given by the school.
Really hope he will stay healthy always !!

Today, as usual I picked Ryan up from school around 11.45am,then we headed home for lunch. He has home-cooked kampua with green vege + capscium.
After resting for a while, I brought him for a hair cut.Ryan gets sweat easily, therefore I prefer to keep his hair short.
He sit well while the auntie cut his hair. No cry .... Well done, Ryan!!

Once reached home, I washed his hair & showered him at the same time. Ryan put on his own clothes after showering.
Then he stood in front of the TV, saw his own reflection and told me : "Mummy, Ryan botak".I told him he is not Botak,but his hair is short only.

AND............Yeah, this is Ryan's new look.

How's my new look??? Nice or not....???

Thursday, July 1, 2010

** Ryan 41 mths old **

Time flies so fast...Ryan has reached 41 mths old today. Today is marked as his 1st day school after having long break for the past 2 mths.
I am so glad that he is doing fine today at school,no cry,never look for "mummy" & behaved well too. The only problem is that he did not want to eat the food provided by the school.Therefore, I have to tapao some light snack for him everyday.

So what are we doing for the past 2 mths since Ryan was at home with me all the while.
I teached him writing,colouring,play puzzles, watch his favo show ULTRAMAN,play toys,sing songs,etc...

I can see some improvement in his colouring skills, Ryan can hold the colour pencil properly & colour within the range(sometimes will out a bit here n there). But overall, it shows an improvement & he has done a good job.

I also has trained him in writing A to Z,but I noticed Ryan can only memorize those words with either vertical or horizontal line,those letters come with bit of curve,susah for him to remember yet.
So far, he can write H,L,I,T,C,E,F and number 1.Need more practice on his writing skill.

Recently, Ryan has a new favo comedian show "Backkom". It is aired on Astro Ceria, very short show,but super funny. Either I myself also like to watch. This comedian show should be originated from Korea.

Not to forget, Ryan likes to eat ice-cream, he prefer walls mini cornetto. He also like to drink Vitagen & Solivite. Tomatoes & barley water have been a light snack for him almost everyday.

Lastly, I wish Ryan stay healthy always.
* Mummy & Daddy Love Ryan *