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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me ***

Today 27 Aug 2009 is my Birthday. Don't ask me about my age. That is a secret. What I can reveal out is that I am in the midst of 30's (Already in Gear no.3). Time flies so fast...I still remember well the time I graduated from my high school,went to Spore for further studies, worked there for a couple of years,met my hubby in Spore,dating there and at last we decided to settle down back to Sibu. It was still fresh in my mind and now I am reaching age of 30+.I am now a mummy of 1 little boy.No longer enjoy my single life there.

Any special celebration for my birthday? Just a simple dinner at home and after dinner have a cut cake session.Hubby bought me a Tiramisu Cake.Ryan sang a Birthday Song for Mummy & also give me a kiss. I am so happy...tis is my 2nd time celebrating my Birthday with Ryan.

Will update some pictures in my next post.

*** Happy Birthday to Me ***