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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Car Repair

Since I moved back to Sibu after getting married, I determined to learn driving.Or else, my life will feel miserable if I were to depend on my husband to drive me out all the time.
Okie...let's get myself register to the driving school and it was not easy like my hometown, Indonesia whereby there is no need to attend the exam at all in order to get a driving license .
Oh Gosh ***... I need to attend theory and practical course in order to obtain my Malaysia driving license. Leceh ... and I took 3 weeks to complete the practical course, sat for both the exam and I passed !!
HORRAY...HORRAY.... It meant I can drive on the road.Bit nervous when I first drove on the road,however, I managed to run out from the fear and now....I can drive smoothly on the road everyday without any fear.

I started to drive my husband's car in and out everyday... and I enjoy driving very much. Getting a new car is pretty easy,When coming to the maintenance , it costs lot of money especially when we found out something wrong with the car. Need to go for repair and change a new spareparts...NOT CHEAP!!
I am browsing through some online website for car repair and come across Houston Auto Repair. It is an amazing website which provide a complete details of some repair shops and mechanics in Houston (for those staying in Houston, this information may be needed).

Lately, my husband discovered our car seem have bit problem. Probably, it is time for oil change and some brake job to be carried out. We plan to send our car for maintenance service this weekend.

We do plan of getting a new car since both me and my husband are driving now.It is much more convenience to have two cars at home, in case, one car is broke down, we do have another car for spare used. How about this car Acura TL brand ? Anyone can give some comments on this car brand? For your info,the Acura TL is a mid-size luxury car from Honda's Acura brand.