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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Nivea Photo Contest

I need my dearest blogger friends to do me a favour, for those who are having a Facebook Account, please spare a minute of your time to give me a vote for the Nivea Photo Contest through your FB account.

How to vote, very easy steps ....

1. click like on this link

2. After accepting the applications, go to "Vote NOW" and click this link

Look for my name : Merywaty sia, then VOTE for me.

This contest ends on 7 Dec 2011.Hurry up......give me a vote now.

Thanks in advance.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

New Game & New Toy

Lately Ryan is getting addicted playing PS game. The PS player is belong to hubby,but since Ryan has grown up, he is allowed to play once a while.Now is school holiday and sometimes, he will keep begging to let him play longer.
Ryan likes to play those "racing car" game...I guess, that is boy's favo game.Now, he can control the car better on the racing track.Sometimes, he will ask either me or his daddy to play with him.

Last few days while doing our shopping at GIANT,hubby wanted to buy Ryan a super big lorry,but Ryan seem not interested on it. Instead he chose for a set of Mini Ultraman.

He is a fan of Ultraman.....from Max, Nexus,Mebius,Tiga,Cosmos,etc....
Hubby even downloaded some Ultraman movie for Ryan to watch on weekend.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Our simple lunch : Noodle Soup

Yesterday afternoon, I decided to cook something simple for our lunch. Since only left me and Ryan at home, I decided to cook "noodle soup" (our favo dish) for today lunch.
See what I have in the fridge : carrot, vege + sausages.These are the 3 ingredients I used for the noodle soup. Ryan does not like to eat fishball,so I hardly have any fishball in my fridge,but for sausages...Yes, I always standby at least a pack.
To add more aromatic to the soup, I added in some fried ikan bilis with sliced ginger + minced garlic.

Noodle soup is ready to be served.

While cooking halfway, Ryan kept asking me...is my noodle ready?...is my noodle ready? He is just too hungry and can't wait for his lunch.

Ryan was enjoying his Noodle soup...slurpppppp...

For your info, Ryan was having slight fever out of sudden two days ago,so his appetite was a bit down.
Today Ryan is doing good,of course, after taking "fever + antibiotic". Nowadays I always standby a bottle of antibiotic medicine at home for Ryan.At least, I do not need to rush him down to the paed when tonsilitis + fever is attacking him. Ryan is prone to tonsilitis, be it, I have control his food intake,but on and off, tonsilitis will come to visit him too. I planned to bring him to ENT for a check-up next year.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Giveaway : 12 Chateau Blanc Macarons

While doing the blog-hopping this afternoon, I spotted an interesting blog named Inspired Momx1.
The blog owner is having a giveaway contest of a box of 12 Chateau Blanc Macarons.
Sound great,right? The top commenter will win this prize.

So how to join this contest :
1. Follow her blog (only if you wish) by clicking "Follow" on her blog's top right sidebar.

2. Leave as many comments as you wish in her "Skin Food 12 Days Challenge" postings (click on the links right below her blog's header and it shall take you there). There'll be 12 postings in total as she is to keep a daily online journal to jot down my reviews and thoughts.

3. You are allowed to leave multiple comments on each of the postings, preferably something relevant to the postings.

4. Spread the words about this giveaway in your blog automatically entitles you to an additional 10 comments. Just leave a comment with your blog links in her comment box when you are done.

5. The contest starts NOW and ends on 23.11.11

It is so easy to join this giveaway contest...so spend some time reading her post on "Skin Food 12 days challenge" and you may have chance to win the prize. Good Luck !!

Sponge Cake

Today is my second attempt making sponge cake. I always wanted to bake a cake,but no oven at home. So my lovely hubby redeemed his credit card points with ELBA electric oven for me to do my baking project. I received the oven less than a week time.
Since Ryan is having his long school holiday, I have more free time at home to do my baking project. I started look for simple cake recipe to try out.

While doing my grocery shopping last week, I spotted "sponge cake mix" at the supermarket rack. Looks easy and simple to make, grabbed one pack and tried it out last week. The sponge cake taste great and spongy. Definitely a good try !!
Since I have a Giant blackcurrent jam in the fridge, I cut half the sponge cake and applied the jam in between,it taste good. Three of us walloped the whole cake in a day.

While writing this post, I am baking the 2nd sponge cake. I need to bake 3x to finish up the batter.

Baking in process....

The sponge cake is ready......hot from the oven.

Here is the "sponge cake" recipe for sharing:

500g sponge mix/optima
500g eggs
120g water/milk (I used water)
120g oil/butter/margarine (I used butter-melted)

1. Melted the butter and leave it to cool.
2. Mix the sponge mix with egg,beat with slow speed for 1 min. Change to high speed whip till the mixture is fluffy, slowly add in the milk/water and beat for another 4 mins.
3. Fold in the melted butter slowly with slow speed to complete the mixing.
4. Preheat the oven for about 10 mins.
5. Bake with medium heat for 45 mins.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Year End exam's result

Yesterday was Ryan's last day at school and he received his final year report book.
I was so happy that Ryan got 1st rank in his class. Feel proud of him...I knew he is doing his best in the final year exam.
The top 3 in his class received a pressie from school and also some titbits.
Apart from it, Ryan also received his very first trophy from Dancing Competition that he joined about a month ago.

*No smile face on both pics......not in a good mood to snap pics*

The good news.....Yes, we are going back to Medan soon...another 2 more weeks to go. We are looking forward to it.Ryan is getting excited to see grandma,grandpa,aunt,uncle and his cousins all in Medan. Of course, we miss the food there too. Gonna write down a list of food we want to eat while holidaying in Medan.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

K2 Graduation Ceremony

Tonight, Ryan and his friends are chosen to perform a dance for K2 Graduation Ceremony. Last Friday, Ryan has went for the rehearsal and I was there to watch the whole rehearsal....Nice performance by all the K2 students.
The ceremony will start at 6pm and I was told by the teacher to sent Ryan there at 6pm later. I can't wait to see Ryan and his friends dance on stage again. It was the third performance on stage for Ryan.
Happy Sunday !!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Exam Result

Yesterday Ryan got his exam results and I am quite happy with his effort. He has done pretty well for this final year exam. He obtained full mark for Maths,English,Mandarin,Bahasa Melayu except for Moral subject he got 99.
For this 2 weeks, Ryan still need to go to school and school holiday will resume on 18 Nov 2011 till next year Jan 2012. Of course, there will be an orientation on 27 Dec 2011.
This coming Sunday, Ryan and his friends will have a dance performance for K2 graduation ceremony.So for this week basically do nothing at school except the rehearsal for this Sunday performance.
Stay tuned for my next post..

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Outing

Today is Sunday and we don't have much programme to spend our family day. As usual, wake up around 7+am,then prepare simple breakfast for 3 of us. We have chicken charsiew pau for breakfast.
Lately my immune system is weak and easily get flu. Lucky I have the right medicine Clarinase to cure my illness.
As for lunch, I make a quick simple lunch ( noodle soup ) and we walloped everything clean. Even Ryan can eat 1 big bowl of noodle soup. Of course, I added some sausages,vegetables balls,etc (bought from Giant). After that, I have a nap for awhile and lucky as of now, it seems my flu is getting better. No more sneeze and runny nose.
Tonight, we will have a birthday party to attend. It is my husband's uncle birthday. For Foochow tradition, when a man reached 69 years old, he will be celebrating his birthday grandly (hope I get this info right)...correct me if I am wrong.

Another good news to share....Ryan just have another little "uncle" born last Friday.Although Ryan is older than the baby,but Ryan has to call him "Uncle".

So how do you enjoy your Sunday?.....

Ryan @ 4 years 9 mths

Another 3 more months Ryan will reach 5 years old. He is getting more independent and asking more Question (why ..why...why), I guessed it happened to all kids at his stage of age.Sometimes, I really don't know how to asnwer to his questions.
As for school, Ryan will be in K1 next year. At this moment, Ryan has finished his final year exam and now is waiting for his exam result. Hope Ryan can pass with flying color.
The happiest news is WE are going back to Medan next month (Yes...another 30 more days we will be in Medan for 3 weeks). I can't wait for that day as I miss my family & food alot. Yeah **** Medan, we are coming soon....

Thursday, November 3, 2011

So happy....received Maggi Hamper

After been waiting for more than 3 months, at last I received the Maggi Hamper worth Rm100 today. This has been the fourth time I joined Maggi Gawai contest.It was held every year (only for Sarawak area). Although it is just a small prize (consolation),but I feel happy with it. I can save my $$$ since most of the time my family are consuming Maggi products.
For those my friends who are consuming Maggi products, do keep the packaging/label for this GAWAI contest. If you don't mind,help me collect those label/packagings for the next year Gawai contest.