Ryan's Sweet Memories

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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Friday, November 14, 2008

Smile Happily

I was so happy riding my bicycle around the living room. Actually I am riding it, but using both my legs to push the bicycle around. I still don't know how to paddle yet. Still learning...
...I am so happy while mommy snapped some pictures of mine...I gave her my sweet smiles!!
As you can see, I was wearing Superman pant tonight. Mommy has been teaching me how to say 'superman',....but I can only say ' batmen' at the moment. So everytime when I saw mommy take his superman clothes for me to wear, I will say 'batmen'. Oh..Gosh, how can superman become batman????

Playing with Handphone (part 1)

Ryan like to play with any kind of phone(either housephone or handphone). Once he grabbed the phone, he will start talking (***baby talks *** aya....ahh ahhh ahh....ya ya ya ma ma.......).
Tonight when I saw him took his daddy's handphone & started talking, I faster grabbed the camera and snapped this 2 pictures as a memories. From the picture showed above, I was enjoying talking on the phone and watching TV at same time.

Recently Ryan is very stick to DIGI advertisement (have the Quack Quack Duck) & KFC advertisement (some people are dancing promoting about KFC new food- KFC in satay style). His eyes will just stare on the TV...and same time shake shake his body. Too bad I did not managed to snap the pictures while he is acting.