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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Not a good news..

Last saturday,29 Oct 2010..as usual Ryan will have his half day nursery class,sent him to school in the morning ,while inside the car, I touched his forehead and feel slight warm and he did sneeze few times in the morning. I thought he still looked fine,so let's him go to school to have some fun there.
Unfortunately, around 8.40pm, My MIL gave me a call and told me that the teacher actually phoned her to inform that RYAN was not doing well...eyes kept have tears and runny nose, body started to get warm...OH...not a good sign, and my heart was beating fast when I heard this bad news...I knew...Ryan was getting SICK again. Since he has a fever,probably he got sore throat again.
Faster rush to fetch Ryan home and when I saw my poor boy so weak..my heart was so pain.
But I did not rush him to paed,let him eat medicine that I standby at home and see how it goes.
Fever started to come down and he has his nap around 12noon...I kept monitoring his body temperature and around 2pm, it seemed his body started to get warm again,but he still sleep
soundly. Since Dr.Law still opened till 4.30pm, I woke Ryan up and we went to Dr.Law for medication. Bingo...throat bit swollen,but no ulcers...Doc gave antibiotic and fever medicine.
As for flu medicine, I did not buy because I have 1 bottle standby at home.

After back home, Ryan felt hungry and I cook noodle for him and he walloped whole plate clean.
His body temperature still remain around 37.3....but he still look active and talkactive.
During dinner time, his body temperature started to raise up and at 7pm, I gave him another dose of fever medicine....Hopefully, his fever will go down...and Yes...it really went down and he
back to normal..can play and ride his bicycle,but no appetite on rice,only around 9pm, he told me he felt hungry and I gave him some bread and drank his Enfa as usual.Not to forget, drank plenty of water too.

That night, we slept late...around 11pm, Ryan's started to feel tired and his temperature has raised up to 39.This time, I chose to put suppository to bring down his fever.The whole night, I was not sleep well...every hour, I would wake up and monitor Ryan's condition..the worst is after suppository,his fever went down for 2-3 hours and it came back (totally different from normal situatio). Not to wait, I woke Ryan up and I fed him fever medicine, pray hard that his fever would went down. It did....he slept till next morning 8am,and his fever never came back...maintaining below 37.

Only around 2pm this afternoon...I touched his forehead and felt slightly warm,measured 37.2 and it was almost his nap time. Fed him fever + antibiotic medicine and lastly he slept at 3pm.
While I am writing this post, Ryan is still in his dreamland. Really pray hard that his fever won't come back again.....and Hope Ryan will get well soon.