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Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Breakfast

I am always having bread with kaya or jam,Pau,Mantao,or porridge for my breakfast.

After my hubby went to work, I started my project in the kitchen.
I opened up my cabinet...oh, just nice a can of luncheon meat and few slices of white bread.
Then opened my fridge, I have a KRAFT Cheese,carrot and some butter.
My brain started to think what to cook for my breakfast today.....*think think think*, got an idea,let's try make my "OWN RECIPE", not sure what is the title for my recipe.
I will think later as my stomach started to make noise.

Faster get out the steamer ,sliced the luncheon meat thinly and let it steeam for 10 minutes.
Once it is done, sprinkle few slices of thinly cut cheese on top of a bread,placed the luncheon meat and some sliced carrots,then top it with some cheese again and place another slice of bed..it looks like a sandwiches now.Apply some butter on both side of the breads.

I have not been eating toasted bread for very long time and my toaster has been in the store room for quite some time.It is time to make use of it.

I placed the sandwiches into the toaster.Toasted it for 3 minutes...smell not bad.
3 minutes is done,opened up the toaster,pour bit of honey on top of the sandwiches and toast for another 1 minute.

......... Ting Ting......... A ring from my toaster.


My sandwiches is ready to be served.Taste good....Cheesy and I love the honey mixed with butter taste.
Tomorrow I will be making this sandwiches again for my hubby to try out.

While eating, I kept thinking what should I name this recipe...
How about "Honey Cheesy Sandwiches"? Does it sound good.....?