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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Flu Virus Attack

Flu virus is coming again...this time it attacked Ryan's Mommy. I was down with flu since last Friday. Asked hubby bought flu medicine (HURIX) which I took last time & can recover. After taking medicine for 1 day, my condition did not any improvement. I have headache on & off, whole body is pain. So I decided to go a doctor for injection yesterday night,hope can recover faster.

Since Friday night, Ryan was taking care by his daddy(after he off from his work),so I can have a rest. Whole friday night, I can't sleep well. My nose is blocked and kept turning my body left and right,juzt felt uncomfortable. On saturday morning, my condition seem getting better, I tried not to sit closely and hug Ryan, to protect him for getting my flu virus.(Last yr Dec when I was back to Medan, I was attacked by flu virus and Ryan kena flu from me..poor boy). Lucky the whole Saturday, Ryan was well-behaved. He played by himself and I on 'Doraemon' show for him to watch. During noon time, I asked him to take a nap and I told him to sleep by his own ( I was lying on my own bed while he was lying on his own mattress). I couldn't accompany him at his side as my flu seem came back again. I took a medicine again, but still the same. At night, hubby tapao dinner for us. After dinner, my condition seem getting worse. My head like want to pecah....so I told hubby that I need to go for a doctor.That's the best way to cure my flu virus. Frankly speaking, I also have a habit to visit doctor when I fall sick,of course, have to spend $$ on doctor. Eating pharmacy medicine seem no cure for me.My hubby wallet have to poke out RM54 for the whole medication.(2 medicine + 1 injection).
The doctor told me that the injection will cause drowsiness...but the whole night I also can't really sleep well. Kept waking up in the middle of the night, but I can feel that my condition is getting better. No more headache and my throat,body and nose seem comfortable. I have to make sure I am fully - recovered before playing again with Ryan as kid's body immune system is weaker than adult.

Pray for myself...Hope I will recover soon!!