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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Long Life Noodle(meesuah) Soup

Again... about food!!!
I always have to plan at least one day in advance for Ryan's meal. Since he has tried all kind of porridge since he was 6 mths old,has been eating noodle at least once a week...let's cook for him 'long life noodle(Mee Suah) soup' for his lunch today.Normally I will cook meesuah for Ryan when I have xtra chicken soup the night before. So today is the first time I cook meesuah for him without chicken soup.

Added some green vegetables(grown by MIL at house's compound),egg and some spring onions.I did not cook the meesuah together with the soup, coz the meesuah is bit salty. So I boiled the meesuah separately. Taste good...with this simple dishes, it takes 20 mins for Ryan to finish up the whole bowl.

Now...I have to think again, what is tomorrow meal for Ryan?? Porridge ?? Beehoon??