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Saturday, May 7, 2011

What we brought back from Medan...

I did mentioned in my previous post about durian pancake & swissroll that I brought back from Medan.

The Durian pancake is not cheap.It cost Rp 12000/pc (around Rm4)and my mother bought me a box contains 15 pcs. The taste of the durian is so good ,but I can only take 1 pc each day and have to drink plenty of water. When I was young, I have no problem eating durians and I won't get heaty so easily,but now....my body is getting weaker, I can't eat too much heaty food.
Glad that bring back few packs of Adem Sari which can help to cure sore throat and heatiness. So everytime after eating 1 pc of durian pancake, I will drink a cup of Adem Sari to bring down the heatiness in my body.

As for the C & F swissroll, the price is quite reasonable, Rp 40000/roll and I brought back 4 rolls with combination of pineapple and strawberry jam. There are many other flavors like cheese,chocolate,mocha,blueberry,sunkist,etc..but I still love to eat the most traditional flavor(pineapple).

Ryan also have some pressie from his Jiu Jiu(my 1st brother)...his favo Thomas & friends train set. My brother even brought an extension set for Ryan ... he was so happy and has been playing with it everyday.

Another presents for Ryan are badminton & tennis set (ben-10) from my mom & ultraman from me (which I brought it from market in Medan).