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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Thursday, September 13, 2012

SomeThing Good for Us...

This week, I received a few prizes from contest that I joined via Facebook....Although not a big prizes (how I wish can strike "big prizes" one day),but I feel happy receiving all the prizes.

1. Maggi Mi Goreng sample
Being the first 3000 consumers registering for free samples of Maggi Mi Goreng , I received a very nice pack of sample....Love the new Maggi Mi Goreng, I like the new taste...but unfortunately, I found the noodle portion is bit small. I think 1 pack is not  enough for me if I am in hungry mood.....oh, big eater ya...***-***

2. POISE liners
I can't remember when I joined this contest,but one thing I can remember, I am using my MIL to join as I don't have a valid Msian IC no,..no choice, I have to use my MIL name & IC no to join this POISE contest and fortunately, I won the prize.....can save my $$ for this month, no need to buy any panty liners for a month.

3. Pirates Boat
Actually I joined this Disney Junior Asia contest quite some times back and I have been waiting for more than a month....never received the prize. After sending them an email, at last I received my prize. The actual prize is not a pirate boat,just some small items.So the other day, when I opened up the parcel sent directly to me from Singapore, I was surprised that Disney Junior Asia changed the prize for me and given me a better prize. Ryan was super happy .... at last have a new toy for him to play with...