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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Not A good Sign...

Yesterday morning, I noticed Ryan is not getting active like normal,but then no fever sign.As usual, i let him go to school.
When I fetched him back from school, He is still active and finished up his lunch.
Only after awhile, I felt his forehead is bit warm,...slight fever and faster feed him Fever medicine....That whole afternoon his fever remained at 37-37.2, only around 8pm,I noticed his fever was bit up to 37.8,fed him another dose of fever medicine. He was still active and played around till 11pm. Of course, no school for the next day.
Actually Ryan just recovered less than 2 weeks from fever & tonsilitis,...so I really hope this time not that serious.
This morning,his fever has subsided and he back to his normal, I have to keep monitoring his
condition and hope his fever won't be back again.
Everytime when Ryan has fever...I was like having 'heart attack'...full of worries and can't sleep well for whole night.

Get well soon, Ryan !!!