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Monday, May 2, 2011

I 'm Back...

After been missing for few weeks..I am back to blogging world now. Time flies so fast. My 3 weeks holiday in Medan was over and now I am back to Sibu and start my routine again.
My mum and sis joined me back to Sibu,so I was busy for the past few days.Brought them out for a walk and today they are dropby KL for 2 nights before going back to Medan.
How I wish they can stay with me here...we chat,laugh,eat and we really having so much fun.

Talking about my 3 weeks holiday back to Medan (my hometown),it was super good...I wish I can stay in Medan forever...everyday is a relaxing day for me during my holiday.
Even Ryan enjoyed so much playing with his cousins.

As usual, I brought back some food from Medan and my favourite was durian pancake,swissroll, curry paste,rendang paste and soto paste.
The durian pancake taste great,but I can't eat too much ...too heaty for me.
As for the swissroll, don't forget to dropby C&F cake shop for their swissroll if you do travel to Medan...I love their pineapple swissroll.
As for the spicy food, of course, I never miss out the curry & rendang paste which I brought from wet market(pasar beruang). My mother helped me to frozen all the pastes in the fridge.

I really looking forward for my next holiday trip to Medan....anyone wanna join me?......I can be your tour guide....***