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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Colouring Competition

Today is the first time Ryan joined colouring competition opposite Bukit Aup. Before registrating his name to his school teacher, I asked Ryan whether he is interested to join. Getting a "YES" answer from him and here we are at Bukit Aup this morning. (sorry no picture was taken as I forget to bring my camera).
It was started at 7am-9pm,but at last we stayed there till 11pm as the competition started late and we have to wait for the winner announcement.
You guys might ask....did he win the competition???

.........After been waiting for an hour, at last the result was out and Ryan did not win anything,not even the conso prize. He was bit unhappy,but lucky no cry.
I kept told Ryan..never mind, this round never win, next time do even better to get better prize.
I do think of letting Ryan join "colouring class" at his school,at least it does help to improve his colouring skills.

Although not a good news,but I just wanna to mark down this "Day" in my blog.