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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

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After pregnant for 9 months...at last my boy(Ryan Wong) was born thru C-section. He was born on 1st Feb 07@Sibu Specialist Medical Centre @12.10pm.His weight is 3.25kgs and height is 52cm.

I still remembered well that my confinement period is during the CNY time ...how suffered I am, have to be in the bedroom during CNY. With Ryan at my side, I feel happy and my hubby also accompany me all the time(after he off from work).

Month 1: brought Ryan to Dr.Law's clinic for immunization (hepB-2nd dose). His weight has increased to 4.48kgs.

Month 2 : brought Ryan to Dr.Law's clinic for immunization (dtp/hib/polio-1st dose).His weight was 5.88kgs and height was 60cm. Ryan has responded to smile and enjoyed my time playing with him. He started to lift himself into push-up position and then start to rock back and forth or kick her feet.

Month 3: brought Ryan for 3rd immunization (dtp/hib/polio-2nd dose).His weight has increased to 6.96kgs and height was 63cm. Ryan tried to grab things around him and can smile to people that he is familiar with.

Month 4 : Ryan has responded to sound surrounding him. He will turn his head while you move an object with sound. He can make the rattle produce a sound, for instance, which teaches him cause and effect. Being able to grab things means he can engage more in play -- whether by himself or with you. Also like to put things into his mouth. Has started to eat puree.

Month 5 : brought Ryan to Dr.Law's clinic for immunization (dtp/hib/polio-3rd dose)and (hep B-3rd dose).His weight was 8.15kgs and height was 67cm.Ryan has learnt to hug Mom, Dad, and other people she's comfortable around by watching others hug and getting hugged herself. Can sit with support and teeth are coming out soon.

Month 6 : At last, Ryan can sit without any support.Can recognize his toys and love to roll his body left and right. Ryan like to sit at baby walker round and round in the house. Start to eat solid food (ie.porridge) for lunch and dinner. I always refer to http://wholesomebabyfood.com.

Month 7 : Ryan can sit on his own. Able to use both hands to grape an object.Like to play with his fingers and toys. Also can recognize his own name.More teeths are coming out...

Month 8 : Ryan is showing me he can distinguish between different emotional states; he's aware that the happy feeling he gets when he sees you isn't the same as the sad feeling he has when you're not around. He is able to sit up and take in a whole new world.

Month 9 : brought Ryan for JE-1st dose immunization. His weight was 9.80kgs. Ryan is able to crawl on the floor. Like to explore things surrounding him.

Month 10 : Ryan supposed to go for JE-2nd dose immunization. Due to ur holiday trip to Spore and back to Medan, so has to delayed till Feb'08 for this immunization. Ryan's leg muscles is getting stronger. He can crawl very fast and try to stand up by his own,of course, he will fall down to the floor again. Can wave hand"bye bye" and nod his head when he doesn't want to.

Month 11 : Ryan can stand up by holding on the things beside him and able to walk few steps. Still very unstable and he is trying his best. At this stage, Ryan has about 1oteeths.

Month 12 : Ryan can walk more steps now....still need a support and very active baby. Started to eat different type of foods at this stage. Love to eat fruit esp apple,papaya. But he seem doesn't like banana.

Month 13 : Ryan can walk without any support, but sometimes he will fall down if walk too fast. He also started love to eat banana. I have started to feed Ryan porridge for breakfast,lunch and dinner.

Month 14 : Ryan started to call 'papa'....only sometimes will call 'mama'. He loves to muttered alot of words(its baby talks)and I have tried my best to reply him as well. He like to mess out things from the cabinet and also try learn to understand what mommy and daddy told him.

Month 15 : Ryan learn how to kick a ball,throw a ball, put blocks/toys back into a box.Able to follow your gesture and has tried to take off his own shirt.Recently, Ryan has tried to climb up stairs by his own (with mommy and daddy at his side).At this stage, Ryan has about 15-16teeths.

Time flies...now Ryan has grown up to be a toddler.

To be continued ............................ *-*