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Friday, November 5, 2010

"Surprisingly Surprise Appreciation"

Last night, I was googled around with my Facebook account and suddenly I noticed a post from Eternity Malaysia about "suprisingly surprise appreciation".

I was curious ... what is it about...? So I clicked on that link and scroll down....then suddenly I saw my name and picture is there...Oh, I was so happy because I got myself Kracie Ichikami Hair Treatment (200g).

Get some info about this product :

Description:Kanebo ICHIKAMI Treatment is based on the herbal hair treatment adopted by the ancient Japanese. Botanical ingredients are contained to repair and hydrate damaged hair. Hair becomes stronger and more resilient. 2 natural treatment oils, Rice Oil and Walnut Oil, are added to leave hair velvety smooth with healthy glow.

How to use it:After shampooing, dispense a proper amount to palm. Massage into dampened hair for 1-2 minutes. Rinse off thoroughly.

Ingredients:Blackberry Lily Extract Rice Grain Juice Extract Camellia Extract Rice Oil Walnut Oil

Country of origin:Japan

I have sent out my details to the Eternity Malaysia admin and looking forward to receive this hair treatment.

For those who has not joined Eternity Malaysia fans page at facebook...Hurry up, let's join!!!