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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Some prizes...

Another backdated post...I supposed to upload it few days ago,but then camera was not at home,..so has to delay till today.
Some of the prizes that I received last week ... Very happy :)

I joined a bread stencil giveaway organized by Mummy blogger Jessica last month and to my suprise , I am one of the winner for the bread stencil. So happy when I saw the good news at Jessica's blog.

Thanks Jessica!!

Second prize is from Antabax. Let's click on this link for more details on Antabax product.
I am an active member in Facebook and when there is any contest/campaign going on, I will try to join if possible.
How am I getting those freebies from Antabax?....Please refer here for more details. And you guys definitely not late to join this campaign.

I would like to say Thanks to Antabax for the prize.

Third prize is from Eternity Malaysia...I did blog about this good news last week and few days ago , I received the prize from courier service.
Thanks Eternity Malaysia !!