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Monday, March 21, 2011

First Day school....

After having a break for one week,Today 21 March 2011 is the first day school for Ryan.Last night, I told him that tomorrow morning has to wake up early and wear uniform to school,then he told me " mummy, don't want go school "..oh..when I heard him said so..I was thinking, will he cry tomorrow morning when I wake him up to school.
But lucky this morning, he did not make any noise when daddy wake him up for milk and get ready for school.
What happened is.... I overslept till around 7.05...actually I set my alarm at 6am,but then I switched it off and continue go back to my dreamland for another 1 hour...I was jumping down from my bed when suddenly I really the sky is getting brighter..oh no....I was late !!

Not to wait further,faster get ready all my routine morning activities and by 7.45am, we went out from school and of course, Ryan was bit late to school today. I felt happy when he never showed me a sad face and joined his friends for the singing session,He even waved BYE BYE to me... Good boy !!
And the whole morning, I couldn't wait to pick him up from school and wanted to know how he is doing at school today, the teacher told he,Ryan was doing fine...I felt happy..!!

Another two more weeks...Ryan will be having his another break from school (my own holiday break) as we are travelling back to my hometown...start counting my days........another 14 days to go.