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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Prize n Gift

Last week, I received my prize from Blackmores,another Facebook contest that I joined few weeks ago and I won a bottle of dietary supplement together with RM5 voucher. Till now I am yet to try the dietary supplement (such a big capsule...how to "telan"....I need HELP. Tell me what is the best way to Telan such a big capsule....I don't think it can go down through my throat.In my whole life, I am yet to eat such a big capsule of medicine/supplement.

Thanks Blackmores for this surprise prize.

And yesterday when I was back to my MIL's house, I saw a big envelope for me...Oh, something from my MP cum blogger's friend YeeLing. So kind of her sending me a cute pouch with some nice angpow packets(she still remember well that I collected those CNY angpow packets) and 2 cute stickers.

Thanks Ling for the gift.