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Friday, June 8, 2012

From my kitchen ....

Another 2 more days,the school will start and my busy day is gonna start soon. Today, I feel more refreshing after resting for few days at home.... and here started my little  projects in the kitchen.

1. Steamed egg cake.
This morning, I saw a can of 100 plus in my kitchen....think and think...what should I do with it?...
Quickly grab my recipe book and here it is ....... Steamed egg cake is ready to be served. It taste good,not too sweet, very soft and fluffy.

2. Noodle soup.
I have  some noodles in my fridge and dished up simple lunch for me and Ryan. For the soup base, I use "ikan bilis" stock ,add some vegetables + tomatoes+fishcake.....the noodles soup are ready.
Ryan managed to finish up a big bowl of noodle soup....and he said "yummy".

3. Homemade Popcorn
I won a few pack of DIY popcorn from facebook contest few months back , this DIY popcorn(brand : o'corn - Indonesia product) was brought by my mom to me all the way from Medan (the organizer only agreed to sent the prize to my Medan address).

Since I do not have microwave at home, I use my cooking pan to cook the popcorn. It took about 3 mins and the popcorn is ready.It came with 2 flavours : butter and sweet kettle. Taste Good!!

Lastly,Wish all my blogger's friends......"Happy Friday"