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Friday, July 16, 2010

Ryan's progress..

After resting at home for 2 months, Ryan has started his half day nursery class in July 2010.

I was so worried that he will cry and make a fuss at school. Thanks GOD,...everything is going well and he can adapt well.
The only problem is that he still refuse to eat the food given by the school. I have to tapao some cake or bread for him to school,or else, he will get hungry.
Of course, every morning, he will have a bottle of milk before goes to school.

Ryan can sing lot of nursery songs and his writing and colouring skills has improved too.
Every night, I will do some revision with him on letters and numbers.
Last night, we did a writing of number 4. and he managed to write it well.
Tonite, we will be doing number 5 and number 6.

Sometimes when I read out certain letter, he will be able to write it out too.

My big problem is writing a mandarin words. Since I am BLIND with mandarin words, for sure I won't be able to teach him Mandarin in future.It is time for me to learn Mandarin too. Oh Gosh ** .... am I too old for it??
I have to start myself up from the basic level........I am not sure whether my brain is working well or not,after retiring from my study for so long.Need some motivation to do it well !!! Help Help Help..........