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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Barney & Friends

Ryan has been fancied of Barney & Friends stuffs.No day without Barney show. Now he has Barney,BJ, Baby Bop soft toys (present from MIL).Yesterday morning, after taking his shower, we went to the living room and ON Barney VCD for him.Then he took his Barney & friends toys sit at sofa. I faster grab my camera and arrange the toys sitting nicely at sofa with Ryan.Not easy to snap his picture, Ryan kept moving.After a while he make noise, asked me put Barney hand puppet (bought 2 yrs ago - present from his daddy) on top of his head and snap his picture. Not to miss the chance, I followed his instruction.He was so happy .... Let's take a look at the slideshow ***

Dessert of the Day - Cheng Teng

At last I managed to find some time to cook Cheng Teng dessert. After preparing breakfast for hubby + myself,I faster get ready all the ingredients needed for this dessert. I got the recipe from my SIL (she cooked this dessert for me last Dec'08).

Ingredients :
-white fungus (soaked in water before cook)- agak agak the portion
-8 red dates (dun add too many red dates as the water will become very brownish)
-8 dried longan
-some rock sugar
-some gula kundur (white in colour, cut into small pcs)
-a pot of water

Method :
1. Boil a pot of water, add in red dates,dried longan,rock sugar,gula kundur.
2. Cut the white fungus into small pcs and put into the pot.
3. I am using small size slow cooker to cook the Cheng Teng Dessert. You can add the amount of the ingredients according to your preference.

Cheng Teng can be served in hot and cold.It is an Asian dessert that is popular in Malaysia and Singapore. It means ‘cooling soup’ in Chinese.

Beehoon with corn soup

Backdated post : 2 April 2009
Ryan likes to eat corn,it comes to my mind using corn soup cooked with beehoon for his lunch 3 days ago.Since Ryan has been eating meesuah most the time,so I let him eat beehoon(not first time eat beehoon).
I use chicken stock for the soup base,added some corns(canned corn) + fishball + Beehoon.Yummy~~~~ the soup has a great sweet taste and Ryan like to eat the corn..he will kept say :corn corn corn, but I noticed Ryan don't really like to eat beehoon. He still prefer mee than beehoon.

New Snack - London SwissRoll

I bought a pack of London swiss roll Blueberry for Ryan lastweek for RM4.90,original price is RM5.90.It is first time Ryan eat this swiss roll and to my suprise he likes it alot..he can easily eat 2-3pcs at one go.Every day he will eat this swiss roll (which Ryan calls it as kek kek/cake).So within 1 week, everything is gone.Now it is time to stock up some snacks for Ryan.Frankly speaking, I seldom give Ryan eat biskit(too heaty),I still prefer to give him some cake for his tea time with barley water or Ribena.