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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Friday, November 18, 2011

Year End exam's result

Yesterday was Ryan's last day at school and he received his final year report book.
I was so happy that Ryan got 1st rank in his class. Feel proud of him...I knew he is doing his best in the final year exam.
The top 3 in his class received a pressie from school and also some titbits.
Apart from it, Ryan also received his very first trophy from Dancing Competition that he joined about a month ago.

*No smile face on both pics......not in a good mood to snap pics*

The good news.....Yes, we are going back to Medan soon...another 2 more weeks to go. We are looking forward to it.Ryan is getting excited to see grandma,grandpa,aunt,uncle and his cousins all in Medan. Of course, we miss the food there too. Gonna write down a list of food we want to eat while holidaying in Medan.