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Friday, June 6, 2008

Happy Dumpling Festival...

The chinese rice dumpling = Zhong Zi = bak chang

The story of 'duan wu' festival or dumpling festival is like that...

Once upon a time in the Chu kingdom there live a scholar-poet called Qu yuan. This man is very patriotic and he jumped into the Miluo river after the Chinese emperor refused to listen to his advice which resulted to the fall of the Chu kingdom.

So, Qu yuan friends and the people in Chu kingdom went to search for his body but they could not trace it. Then, in order to lure the fishes and demon away from Qu yuan body, they made dumplings and threw them into the river to protect the body.

Here is it !! Eat the dumpling and know the story. So that each time when other people asked we can answer them proudly that we chinese actually has a patriotic soul once upon a time.