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Friday, February 11, 2011

CNY angpow packet...

First, I wanna wishes all my blogger friends " Happy Lunar New Year"
Today is the 9th day of Chinese New Year....next Thursday will be Chap Go Meh,there will be another round of steamboat dinner for 3 of us again. I like to prepare steamboat for dinner,it is much more simple and taste delicious.
This year, our chinese new year celebration is more quiet as my MIL is not at home,less relative come for a visit too...so most of the goodies will be whose share? .... 2 ( me and my husband's portion).

As usual, I am still collecting those CNY angpow packets from bank,supermarket and companies. It has been my 7th year of collecting angpow packets and I am still doing it,it has been part of my hobby. Too bad my MIL is not at Sibu this year,so for sure I will have less angpow packets..normally she will help to collect some from her friends and relatives.
But I am very happy that I got some angpow packets through Facebook....and they look very nice. They definitely add to my collection.

For those blogger friends who also collect angpow packets, we can always share our collection (for extra piece). If you guys have any nice angpow packet and wanna share with me...I always welcome it too...