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Friday, November 16, 2007

Ryan is down with flu

This morning, Ryan still down with flu (he shld be getting it from me ... I m fully recovered liao) n I do not shower him for the day coz weather is cool this morning. I just wipe clean his body N get him a change. As usual, he will ask for milk and after finish drinking his milk....he vomits out(believe he dun drink his milk properly this morning .... drink too fast). Then I clean up his body n get a new cloth for him. Ryan still look active N he plays as normal. Around 9.30am, he seem hungry n i feed him porridge(cook wif ikan bilis). He manage to finish it all (good boy).**

I noticed that he sniffs so many times this morning...but he still looks very active n keeps playing n playing until arnd 11.30am, he feels tired N has a nap.