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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Yeah.....I am free now

Yesterday was Ryan's last day exam, he is "free" from now on as his school holiday is coming ahead.  6th Nov will be his last day school(also the day he will get his report book) .It is marks as his last day at "THAT SCHOOL". His current school has made some changes for next year batch whereby all students for pre-K, K1 and K2 are compulsory to attend the afternoon class session from 2-4.30pm apart from morning class session. Since we do not want Ryan gets so tiring, we decided to change school for him. I have enrolled him to another school and a few of his classmates are following us too.

Lastnight we were so free that I decided to let Ryan do colouring and he chose to colour a fish. I guided him on how to mix the colour and he wanted to add 2 small fishes on the picture. I decide to enroll Ryan to an art class next year as I want him to continue his interest in colouring.
This is what Ryan did last night......