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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Freebies from Enfa & Giant

Yesterday while browsing the SinChew newspaper for Giant advertisement, I saw there was a promotion for Enfakid Rm33.99 for 650 grams.Be it, I don't read Mandarin newspaper ( a banana...don't understand Mandarin words at all)but I like to browse through the advertisement.
Quickly drove to Wisma Sanyan to grab the milk formula Enfakid. When I was at the milk formula rack, I saw this notice mentioned "purchase of Enfa product Rm138 and above will entitle for a free bag". From the picture, it looks like the bag is not bad and I like one of the colour (blue colour bag).
Asked the Giant staff whether the bag still have stock or not before I make my puchases,lastly I grabbed 6 boxes of Enfakid and got the free bag. There have 3 different colours for the bag,but I chose blue colour(more suitable for Ryan).Since we are going for travelling soon,this bag might be suitable to put Ryan's stuffs.

I am not sure whether is this promotion is going on in West Malaysia Giant. It seem this promotion is tied up between Mead Johnson and Giant because I don't see this promotion at other local supermarket in Sibu.

This is how the bag looks like...nice tak?