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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cooking Recipes

I have been surfing for some recipes recently... It just suddenly come across my mind try to cook some new dishes for hubby and I myself and Ryan.Here are a few websites I would like to share with my blogger friends : HoChiak , ChowTimes , Rasa Msia, Lily's WSH.

Yesterday, I tried to make Perkedel for dinner (forget to snap the pic). It tasted better than the previous time I made. The most important is after frying, the perkedel looks yummy (did not out of shape like previous time I made).

Tonight, I cook curry chicken with lady finger (no picture taken again..always forget).Eat with meehoon. The curry paste I brought esp from Medan (my hometown). It is very spicy..but the taste is GREAT.

Dunno what to cook for tomorrow.....ehm....Ok, I decide to cook peanut pork ribs soup, fried vege, cucur jagung.

Happy Cooking !!