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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Friday, February 18, 2011

Spring Toss Yee Sang..

After been waiting for so long...at last I received my Yee Sang prize that I won from Spring Toss facebook contest quite some time back. I joined this contest few months back and I can only received the prize this year.
I supposed to receive this prize yesterday,but then I miss out...must be I overslept and never hear my door bell rang,so I got a note from CityLink...quickly gave them a call today and within few hours later, I got this big parcel at my doorstep.

Although I may toss this Yee Sang late,but I still feel happy with the prize.

My first yee sang tossing was quite sometimes back,while I was working in OCBC Bank Singapore. We have gathering with our team mate during Chinese New Year and that was my first time trying Yee Sang. Taste ok for me.
Therefore Spring Toss Yee Sang will be my second toss...