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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fried Kampua Noodle

It was a backdated post...I cook Fried Kampua Noodle for Ryan 2 days ago for his lunch.But no time to update this post.

Sibu is very famous of its Kampua Mee.You can easily find it available at the Kopitiam anytime.It is a Foochow noodle dish which is tasty and economical and loved by local people.

Normally,I will buy the Kampua mee from wet market (sell in wet or dry) and cook them myself at home.
Most of the times, I will toast the kampua mee with fried onion+garlic,add bit of oil and seasoning and add some spring onion. This time, I tried to cook it in another way by frying the kampua mee,added some sausages,sayur sawi + tomatoes.

The taste is good and Ryan likes it alot....a simple dish for our lunch!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Babylove Organic Cleanser

Another backdated post...I received this Babylover organic Cleanser few weeks ago,sent to me by courier. I saw their advertisement in The Parenthood Magazine June'09 edition and they are giving free sample of 150ml Baby Organic Cleanser worth Rm9.90. So I faster sent them an email....3-4 weeks later I got their sample and till today I am yet to try it on as my current Pureen bottle cleanser still have some.They also gave me 2 pcs of gift vouchers.

To request for free sample of Baby Organic Cleanser ,please email them at : babylove@babyloveasia.com....Hope you will receive the sample soon.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Long Life Noodle(meesuah) Soup

Again... about food!!!
I always have to plan at least one day in advance for Ryan's meal. Since he has tried all kind of porridge since he was 6 mths old,has been eating noodle at least once a week...let's cook for him 'long life noodle(Mee Suah) soup' for his lunch today.Normally I will cook meesuah for Ryan when I have xtra chicken soup the night before. So today is the first time I cook meesuah for him without chicken soup.

Added some green vegetables(grown by MIL at house's compound),egg and some spring onions.I did not cook the meesuah together with the soup, coz the meesuah is bit salty. So I boiled the meesuah separately. Taste good...with this simple dishes, it takes 20 mins for Ryan to finish up the whole bowl.

Now...I have to think again, what is tomorrow meal for Ryan?? Porridge ?? Beehoon??

Thursday, July 9, 2009

MyLot ~Making Online Money

I came across this website MyLot from one of the blogger mummy MUMMYMOON.

MyLot is a site for you to earn money without any registration fee.
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Discuss topics about anything and everything under the sun. And guess what? You get paid for replying to comments! The more you reply, the more money you get! You can also get paid by joining other member's discussion and reply to those.
There are practically numbers of topics you can discuss at MyLot. Topics such as love, relationship, money, pets, work, parenting, business, travel, food...etc . And every replies earns money! I wouldn't mind joining in if I am getting paid either.

I myself have been addicted to this website for the past few days (since I joined as a member).
Let's click on this link : shia88MyLot to learn more about MyLot and hurry up let's join the group.

Good Luck & Happy Lotting!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Art Work

I have been wanted to post about Ryan's art work a few months back,but I just keep delaying till now. Yesterday,his daddy bought a new set of colour pencils for Ryan as the old set are getting shorter. Ryan was so happy, faster grab and paper and scribble here & there. He tried every single colour on the paper. He still can't hold the pencil properly,so just anyhow draw.I have tried to hold his hand and teach him some colouring and drawing some simple pictures like moon,egg,etc.

Can you guys figure out what is Ryan drawing on the paper?? Does not look like a rainbow....it's an abstract drawing from Ryan's big effort. Keep it up,Ryan!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

My 29 Months Old

Another backdated post..I suppose to update this post 2 days ago (1 July '09). Ryan has reached his 29 months old....next month he will be 2.5 yrs old....Very fast,another 6 months he will be 3 yrs old and time for schooling (** big headache for mummy coz worry Ryan will cry and not get used to his new activity **).

New updates of his development :

1. Still like to eat any kind of green vegetables.
2. Does not like to eat banana and papaya...other fruits like orange,grape,apple,pear still Ok.
3. Can speak up more words(Have been trying to combine 2-3 words together..try to make up a sentences)...That's a good improvement.
4. Learning ABC,123,colours and shapes.
5. Fancy of Robots (due to Transformers2 ~ everyday will ask for robot robot).His daddy wants to bring him to cinema to watch Transformers2,but due to Influenza A,better stay indoor and avoid public place.
When Ryan saw the Transformers2 advertisement, he will say ' robot' and want us to repeat the advertisement,OMG..lucky our Astro Max machine can review back the advertisement.
6. Like to eat Pizza...everyday will say 'pizza pizza',so most probably tomorrow will bring him to Pizza Hut for lunch.
7. Like to watch Teletubbies( new program for Ryan - he can learn about nursery songs,abc,colours,123).
8. Prefer to sleep with his daddy at night.
9. Difficult to get Ryan take his nap - sometimes even give me a 'black face' when I asked him to up to the bedroom for his nap.So sometimes it drag till 4pm,then he will dozed off.
10.Super demanding boy..want this and that and if never give the things that he want,will cry.
11.Like to eat Prunes (new snack for Ryan - he will eat everyday 2 pcs) since I have cut down his intake on biscuits.
12.Like to eat London Swissroll (have tried blueberry,milk,vanilla,pandan flavour and all he likes it).
13.Like to drink green bean soup(must with bit of sugar).
14.Have been dragging his night sleep time till almost 11.30-12 midnight (keep want to play n play).
15.Hate to go for hair-cut...will cry loudly.
16.Scared to go doctor...will cry before enter the clinic.

Happy 29 months old to my precious boy,Ryan!!