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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Busy days ahead

With the school exam is approaching in another week time, I am getting busy preparing revision for Ryan to do everyday. His school exam will start on 14 May-17 May(16 May is Teacher's day,so no exam). Both me and my hubby have prepared some materials for Ryan to practice every night especially those Mandarin words..need lot of practice on writing those strokes,I leave it to hubby to teach Ryan as I am a "banana"(seeing those strokes make me headache....how to teach la).
Of course, for English & Maths, I do not have a problem to teach Ryan.
Ryan has started his colouring lesson at school every Saturday, it was started since last month and this coming Sunday, he will join colouring competition at Star Mega Mall, I hope he can gain experience from it. Either win or lose, it does not matter.
On 12 May, Ryan will represent his school to join colouring competition (together with his school mates). So for this few weeks, he has to stay back till 1pm to do some practicing for the colouring competition. Of course, it is a great experience for Ryan to learn more in colouring. His school teacher will guide him on how to mix the colour and how to colour properly. As for me, I have to rush like mad,after fetching Ryan from school, have to rush back home to prepare lunch for Ryan and get him ready for nap....time flies fast.

Pray hard that Ryan can do well in his coming exam.!!