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Monday, May 14, 2012

A piece of Good News

Last Saturday, Ryan n his classmate were representing his school(Rajang Park Kindee) for colouring competition. This event was organised partly by Stationary association, Buncho is sponsoring the colour pencil. We were informed to reach the place at 7am (lucky Ryan could wake up around 6.10am). We reached the basket ball court (near Delta mall) around 7.05am and it was getting crowded. Different tadika from Sibu, Kapit and Sarikei were joining this competition.And all the participants were selected by the schools (more than 200 participants).
It was started at 8.05am and lasted for 2 hours. Ryan completed his colouring less than 2 hours and before submitting to the organiser, I managed to capture  a picture of what he coloured  "A winnie the Pooh".
Every participants were receiving  a small trophy as a token of participation on this event and Come the time to announce the winners for K1 and K2 ....Every parents were so kan-cheong...**-**

Let's the pictures do the work....

Ryan is getting ready for the competition
Nice or not?

Ryan was amongst 25 kids,won"ChiaChuo"prize
Ryan with all the 25 kids