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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sore Throat

Two days ago, I did feel uncomfortable with my throat,but I don't really go and bother it. Just drink more water and BINGO .... in the midnight, I did felt extremely pain at my throat,especially when I drank water and swallowed saliva..it was pain.
So the next morning, I quickly have a cup of salt water followed by AdemSari (it is a kind powder for constipation,sore throat & heatiness - bought from Medan). I bought quite lot of packets of Adem Sari back to Sibu and everyday I am having 3 packs of Adem Sari after my meal.
Till now, my throat still feel pain and I can't eat and drink well.Even with porridge, I still feel the pain when I swallowed the porridge.In my whole life, I never got such a terrible sore throat.
Tonight, I tried to drink 100+ and Coke with salt ,hope it did helps to cure the pain.
And my kind MIL make me a cup of herbal tea after dinner.

Anyone mind to share home remedy for sore throat...do share with me here. Thanks !!