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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Freebies from EnfaMama Club N MeadJohnson

Received a number of fridge magnets,car stickers,Weaning food guide,Obstetric calculator plus MeadJohnson red packets

Supreme Baby Monitor

Ciu Ciu bought Ryan 1 set of Supreme Baby Monitor as a present during his full month celebration. It has 2 way communication function, 5 soothing melodies, 2 user selectable channel, built-in microphone, visual sound lights, volume on/off, portable & lightweight, signal receive indicator N long range up to 100 metres. It is a very useful present ..... Thanks alot to Ciu Ciu *-*

Anmum Essential Milk Formula Sample

Yesterday, I received 2 packs of Anmum Essential Milk formula sample from Anmum Club..will give a try to Ryan when he reachs 1 yr old (currently Ryan is 9mths n 6 days old).

Disney Story Book

Daddy bought a big present for Ryan..they are Disney story books complete with 365days stories (autumn, winter, spring N summer) . It also comes with a complete set of Disney Vocabulary Books N 21 great songs from Disney Movies & Stories. A whole set of Children's Encyclopedia with Disney Charaters , Children's Dictionary plus whole set of "I Wonder Why"reference books are included in these package.
Ryan is enjoying my story -telling every nite before he goes to sleep. Thanks alot to Daddy for this great present *-*