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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Our Sunday...

Since Ryan has no school today, so I have chance to wake up late on Sunday.
But the lastest will be 8am, not more than 8.30am.
Ryan will be my alarm clock ..once he has woke up, he will look for whoever sleep beside him and then will ask for milk (is a must).
Last week, my husband noticed that Ryan will make the sound " churp churp" when my husband is making milk for him....I never noticed about it...until last night I was the one who make him the milk and he really make the sound "churp churp"....he can't wait for his milk, I guess.

Today is just another simple day for us....after having breakfast, I started to think what to cook
for lunch. Cook something simple & healthy,that will be chicken porridge and stir-fried brocoli baby corn(that is Ryan's favo dish). That is what we have for our lunch this afternoon.

As for dinner, I cook Bee Hoon curry chicken. I have been craving for curry chicken since last few weeks,but due to hot weather and husband just recovered from cough...I have to postpone my curry chicken dish. As for Ryan....of course, he won't be having curry chicken (too spicy for him).
I will cook homemade Kampua Mee for his dinner. Another simple dinner for us tonight.

Tell me about your weekend....?....Picnic? Shopping?

Wish everyone "Have a Great Weekend" !!