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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Chap Go Meh...

Today is marked as Chap Go Meh,the last day of Chinese New Year...how fast the time flies...the 15 days of CNY has over and life still go on.
This month of February, Ryan has been having lot of holidays from school and today is also his off-day,so as usual we just lepak at home & tonight we will have another round of steamboat dinner ( 3 of us - Ryan,Mummy & Daddy). We just love to eat steamboat and it is simple to prepare. I will also fry kwetiau as a side dishes as per Ryan's request.
As usual, Sibu people like to play with firecrackers and fireworks,...so tonight we will have another round of firecrackers and fireworks show to watch.Happy !!

How do you guys celebrate "Chap Go Meh" with your family?

Lastly, wish all my blogger friends " Happy Chap Go Meh "...