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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Monday, May 30, 2011

Going for holiday......Tasmania

This coming December will be a long school holiday and I am thinking of Linkhow to spent this long holiday. We did plan to go back to Medan first,then our next stop will be Tasmania.
From now on, I need to search for more information about Tasmania city before making our final decision whether to visit this place or not. We always prefer to travel by our own,it is more flexible rather than follow a tour.
At first, I need to find a comfy accomodation for our trip there and I came across Tasmania accomodation. This is a great website whereby plenty of accomodation services are listed there and it is basically depend on our budget. Next, will be Tasmania attractions place. I would say there are plenty of places to visit if we were to go to Tasmania from museum,vineyards,shopping centres,etc.
For further information, I can always go to Tasmania blog to have more details.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

School Holiday ****-****

This two weeks both me and Ryan is gonna get rotten at home, since it is school holiday, we don't have any holiday plan,anyway, Ryan just recovered from bad tonsilitis and it is the best time to let him stay under the sun.
I keep thinking...what I should do with Ryan at home for this coming 2 weeks?
Okie... there are lot of toys at home,but it is kinda boring keep playing with toys.
I get him a colouring book the other day, so that he can practice his colouring skills,which he really need to make more improvement on it.
Next, I will do some revision on writing a-z,1-50, and some mandarin words and let's try do some spelling for him too.
It is a great time for me to teach him how to spell some simple words.

Actually, I always have in mind to do some craft works with Ryan,but as I am not that creative, my mind just stuck there. Should google online for some simple crafting.

Another target is to make bento set meal for Ryan. I am quite interested with those bento's blogs lately..really salute those moms creating such a nice bento meal for their kids. I should give a try to make simple bento meal for Ryan one day. Stay tuned !!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Things that make me Happy

Everytime when I received a prize from someone or a company, I always feel so happy. Although they are not a big prize,but at least I am getting "something" free and useful to me.

So let's have a look on what prize I received lately.....

Tomei RM50 gift voucher (from Facebook contest) - not going to use it, anyone want it?
This voucher is going to expire on 10 Jun 2011 and is solely for the use on 18k white gold jewellery items only.

Cathay Cineplexes gift voucher 1pc (from Facebook Lipice A-Z Lip tips contest) - not going to use it,anyone want it?
This voucher is going to expire on 4 July 2011.

Bento lunchbox,cute cutters,a pack of homemade biscuits & some tea bags
(prize from My Kitchen's contest)
Thanks Lydia for the prize...I love it!!

Two mini LipIce sample ( from Facebook)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ryan's Report Book

Due to sick, Ryan has been absent from school for this whole week and yesterday I gave a call to his school to talk to his form teacher, then I got to know that today is the last day school and also the day to collect the report book. Although I have got the test papers and Ryan was getting full mark for 4 subjects except moral education ,he got 95 marks,but overall his result is not bad. (Maybe I put too high expectation on Ryan, I expect him to get all 5 subjects full mark,if possible).

So this afternoon, I drove Ryan to school to take his report book and also some homework that he has missed out for the past few days. To my suprise, the teacher told me that Ryan is getting 1st rank on his class. His result is quite good,average is 99....and Ryan got a small present ( Upin & Ipin pencil set) from the school.
I was so happy with the result and I keep telling Ryan to study harder and smarter,so that he can always pass with flying colours.
Well done, Ryan !!! Mommy is so proud of you....**

Tomorrow will the school holiday for 2 weeks and no holiday plan for us as I prefer to keep Ryan stay indoor to strenghten back his immune system.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Getting medicine online

After having sleepless nights for the past few days, I started to get an headache on and off and sometimes the pain is killing, however a rescuer comes on time to cure my headache. My husband's friend recommend me to buy butalbital which he has been using it and it works well on him. Not to wait, faster get this medicine from nearby pharmacy. It works like magic..my headache is gone within the next few hours and I feel fresher too.
I tried to search online see I can get this medicine at cheaper rate and I manage to find one of the best online pharmacy who is selling butalbital at very reasonable price and without prescription.

At last, I knew that online shopping is not only for clothes,but for medicine,it works well too.It definitely make my life more convenience as I can just place my order online and get the medicine at my doorstep in few days time.
While browsing for more information online, I came across another type of pain killer for headache and migraine called Fioricet. Of course, I can also buy Fioricet online at great bargains.
One more thing, I can also buy fioricet without prescription.
By looking at the great offers, I can't wait to place my medicine order just to standby some at home when I need it for emergency uses.
Since I can't take Panadol tablet due to some allergy issue,so butalbital and fioricet are another option to cure my headache.

Little update of Ryan

After been sick for more than 4 days....Ryan's condition is not totally recovered yet. He has been for an injection twice and have taken two type of antibiotic with fever medicine.
Yesterday was his second injection and that would be the final injection,if today still show no sign of recovery,then Ryan need to be admitted to "H" today. Since last night, I have been monitoring his condition closely and I noticed throughout the night,his fever has went down to normal range. I really hope this is a good sign and today Ryan will be going for another review at Dr.Law's clinic.
Hopefully, Ryan will recover soon...it seem this whole week Ryan will stay indoor till he is fully recover and school holiday is coming soon (for 2 weeks).

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Not Feeling so good...

Since Friday night,Ryan started to develop fever and quickly feed him fever medicine. I was having sleepless night ...woke up few times in the middle of the night to check through his body temperature and it seem the fever would come on and off.
I decided to bring him to Dr.Law for medication since his condition did not show any improvement after fever medicine.According to Dr.Law, Ryan was having sore throat and was given suppository on the spot as his fever stil remained 38.3 although I have given him fever medicine,the fever seem stay there. After the suppository was given,Ryan's fever started to subside.I noticed within the next 4 hours, the fever started to come back again. So last night, I was having another sleepless night too.
Today, I have to keep monitor his condition and if by tomorrow his fever does not subside totally,then may need to bring him back to Dr.Law for medication.

Really hope Ryan will get well soon....

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Exabytes - Super blogger contest

Today is Saturday which means I will be free at home, while browsing through facebook, I came across this interesting contest and hope to win a prize from it.
Here we go.....

slogan :

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They give the best service to the customers with their professional technical support team to assist their valuable customers for 24 hours.
Apart from it, they always ensure their customers are satisfied with the services they provided,or else, the customers are able to get money back within 100 days from the initial orders.
Exabytes is also known as number #1 webhosting provider in the region,voted by their customers.

Friday, May 20, 2011

100 % diaperless

Ryan was first to be diaperless at night after his 4th birthday. From the month of Feb this year, Ryan was diaperless and accident always happened(wet the bed)...sometimes I just overslept (forget to wake Ryan up to pee) and he would wet the bed & blanket. I have to change the bedsheet few times in a week...getting tired of it. So in April when we were back to Medan, I got him use diaper again at night because I just could not stand it no more.
To my suprise, when we were back to Sibu, he refused to put on diaper at night and told me that "he will wake me up at night when he has the urge to pee",...ok,since he was so confident, I let him to be diaperless and it has been more than 3 weeks, Ryan has been diaperless at night and no accident happened. He will either wake me up or I will wake him up in the middle of the night.Even if I lupa to wake him up in the middle of the night,...thanks god...no accident happened yet.

Now another problem occured..I have few packs of Drypers Wee Wee at home (XXL size 32 pcs- 2 packs & XXL 16 - 1 pack) and no one is going to use it. I intend to sell them off cheap cheap.
For my friends who are interested to buy...please drop me a mail at shia88@hotmail.com.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lunch Punch Giveaway

I like to do blog hopping to some blogger mummies who are really expert in Linkbento-ing and everytime I saw them posted the yummy bento meal for their kids, I always tell myself...I have to try bento-ing for Ryan one day.But I know that I have been delaying it (no time....just an excuses for me, if I really have determination to do, for sure I can make it).
So while reading Cynthia's blog this afternoon, I came across a great website Bento Fun and the great news ..it is having a giveaway contest for a set of Lunch Punch - critter cutters.
I should start bento-ing for Ryan to make his meal looks more attractive and it definitely help to boost up his appetite and interest to eat more in every meal.

For those friends, who are interested in bento-ing,let's hop to Bento Fun !!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Exam's result

Last week,Ryan was having his first semester exam and all together they are 5 subjects to be tested. And today, he collected back all his exam paper.
I am so glad that Ryan is doing well in his exam...well done,Ryan!!
He is getting 100 marks for 4 papers except the moral paper he is getting 95 mark only.
I know Ryan is trying his best to complete all the papers,better don't put too much pressure on him at this moment.
In the next two weeks time, Ryan will be having school holiday for 2 weeks starting from 30 May-12 Jun'2011. Looking forward to it...

Thursday, May 12, 2011

First Exam at school

Ryan is having his first exam at school starting from today till this Saturday. I was so nervous whether he is doing well. I do not put any pressure on him and just get him do some revision everyday,so far, he is doing quite well during the revision at home.
I always reminded him to check through his answer one more time before passing the exam paper to his teacher. Hopefully he will get a good result on his exam..Pray hard!!
I remembered well when I was young, I also feel nervous when come to exam time...my heart will beat super fast and always hope the question that I spotted will appear in the exam paper. I am wondering whether Ryan will get nervous during the exam time..."think think think"???
Maybe Ryan is too young to understand the nervous feeling because he look very calm this morning when I sent him to school.
Good luck to my boy Ryan....do the best in your exam!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

What we brought back from Medan...

I did mentioned in my previous post about durian pancake & swissroll that I brought back from Medan.

The Durian pancake is not cheap.It cost Rp 12000/pc (around Rm4)and my mother bought me a box contains 15 pcs. The taste of the durian is so good ,but I can only take 1 pc each day and have to drink plenty of water. When I was young, I have no problem eating durians and I won't get heaty so easily,but now....my body is getting weaker, I can't eat too much heaty food.
Glad that bring back few packs of Adem Sari which can help to cure sore throat and heatiness. So everytime after eating 1 pc of durian pancake, I will drink a cup of Adem Sari to bring down the heatiness in my body.

As for the C & F swissroll, the price is quite reasonable, Rp 40000/roll and I brought back 4 rolls with combination of pineapple and strawberry jam. There are many other flavors like cheese,chocolate,mocha,blueberry,sunkist,etc..but I still love to eat the most traditional flavor(pineapple).

Ryan also have some pressie from his Jiu Jiu(my 1st brother)...his favo Thomas & friends train set. My brother even brought an extension set for Ryan ... he was so happy and has been playing with it everyday.

Another presents for Ryan are badminton & tennis set (ben-10) from my mom & ultraman from me (which I brought it from market in Medan).

Friday, May 6, 2011

Start school again...

I was so nervous last few days..it was because of Ryan....why?...I was so worried that he may refuse to go school after having a long break (almost a month) from school , it is my own-self holiday for Ryan as we were back to Medan for a holiday. My worries were gone...Ryan was doing fine at school for the past few days.
I have no problem to ask him wake up and send him off to school. Everytime when I fetched him, I would ask his teacher whether he was doing fine...the answer I got "Yes".He will join his friends in the singing session and all the activities carried out in the whole morning..:)

Although I did get some worksheet from the teacher for Ryan to do while we were in Medan,but that was not enough. For the past few days, Ryan always come back home with some homework to do. And he will have his first exam on 12 May next month.I have to put more effort and let him practice more in recognize the words especially the mandarin words.(since I am a banana...I have a difficulty to teach Ryan in Mandarin...my hubby is our rescuer).
Ryan has no problem in counting and recognizing alphabets & numbers.
Pray hard that Ryan will do well in his exam next month......!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

I 'm Back...

After been missing for few weeks..I am back to blogging world now. Time flies so fast. My 3 weeks holiday in Medan was over and now I am back to Sibu and start my routine again.
My mum and sis joined me back to Sibu,so I was busy for the past few days.Brought them out for a walk and today they are dropby KL for 2 nights before going back to Medan.
How I wish they can stay with me here...we chat,laugh,eat and we really having so much fun.

Talking about my 3 weeks holiday back to Medan (my hometown),it was super good...I wish I can stay in Medan forever...everyday is a relaxing day for me during my holiday.
Even Ryan enjoyed so much playing with his cousins.

As usual, I brought back some food from Medan and my favourite was durian pancake,swissroll, curry paste,rendang paste and soto paste.
The durian pancake taste great,but I can't eat too much ...too heaty for me.
As for the swissroll, don't forget to dropby C&F cake shop for their swissroll if you do travel to Medan...I love their pineapple swissroll.
As for the spicy food, of course, I never miss out the curry & rendang paste which I brought from wet market(pasar beruang). My mother helped me to frozen all the pastes in the fridge.

I really looking forward for my next holiday trip to Medan....anyone wanna join me?......I can be your tour guide....***